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RBC Canadian Open Golf Tournament

Organized by the Royal Canadian Golf Association, the Canadian Open is a professional golf tournament in Canada. It’s a historic golf tournament, which was started 114 years ago. Since then this tournament has been played every except a few years during the World War I and World War II when players did not participate.

The Canadian Open is only behind the ‘The Open Championship’ and ‘the U.S. Open’ as it’s the third oldest golf championship in the world. So, in this article, we are going to talk about this championship in brief. Let’s go forward and read about it.

An Overview of the tournament

RBC Canadian Open Golf TournamentSince this championship is a national open and the most accessible non-U.S. national open tournament, the Canadian Open is a special golf competition. It had an aura and status even before the professional tour system became famous in the golf arena. In fact, many golf legends and experts have labeled it as the third-most prestigious competition in the world. In 2000, Tiger Woods won the competition and became the first man to win the Triple Crown – The Canadian Open, The Open Championship and the U.S. Open in 29 years. Before him, only Lee Trevino won it all in 1971. It’s when the media took a back seat and the Canadian Open got huge recognition from the media.

However, the Canadian Open was not as celebrated as it is now. Due to the unfavorable scheduling of PGA tour, this competition was moved to an unwanted time in September in 1988. For this reason, many people didn’t consider this tournament a special one. Despite this obstacle, the Canadian Open remains a fixture to watch. The top three golfers on the PGA Tour Canada Order of Merit are offered an entry into the Canadian Open. Although Canadian Tour money list doesn’t take the prize money into an account.

Furthermore, the Canadian Open has a long and rich history of celebrated winners including Walter Hagen, Leo Diegel, Tommy Armour, Lawson Little, Harry Cooper, Craig Wood, Byron Nelson, Sam Snead, Bobby Locke, Doug Ford, Arnold Palmer, Kel Nagle, and many more. All these players have been inducted into the Hall of Fame Members of the competition. The most accomplished player who has never won this competition is Jack Nicklaus. He was a seven-time runner-up. On the other hand, Leo Diegel has won it four times, which is more than any other players in the history of the competition.

As we have said, the Canadian Open was held at an unfavorable time in September, things changed in the early 2000s. And in 2007, when the PGA tour was rescheduled to accommodate the FedEx Cup, this competition got a new lifeline. It was rescheduled for late July. From onwards, this competition never looked back again. If any player wins the tournament, it will count towards the FedEx Cup standings, earning a ‘Masters invitation.

The Golf Courses

RBC Canadian Open Golf TournamentThe Canadian Open Championship was hosted by many golf courses. However, from 1976, the Glen Abbey Golf course has been the permanent home for this tournament. This golf course was designed by Jack Nicklaus for the Royal Canadian Golf Association. During the mid-1990s, the RCGA wanted to move the championship around the country and this has been the norm today as well.Here are the some of the notable golf courses in which the tournament was hosted:

  1. Glen Abbey Golf Course
  2. Royal Montreal Golf Club
  3. Mississaugua Golf & Country Club
  4. Toronto Golf Club
  5. George’s Golf and Country Club
  6. Hamilton Golf and Country Club
  7. Lambton Golf Club
  8. Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club
  9. Scarboro Golf and Country Club

Bottom Line

The Canadian Open’s title has been renamed on several occasions. For example – the Canadian Open and Bell Canadian Open. Right now, the name is RBC Canadian Open. All in all, this tournament is one of the decorated golf tournament in the world, which many golfers aspire to win.

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Golf Course In Newmarket, Ontario

A golf course is an essential part of the golf game and when it comes to choosing a golf course, golfers have varied preferences on which golf course to play. With that being said, if you are living in Ontario, Canada, you must be wondering as to which golf course would be best for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the best golf courses in Newmarket, Ontario. So, let’s have a look at the golf courses to know more about them.

St. Andrew’s Valley Golf Course

Golf Course In Newmarket, OntarioSt. Andrew’s Valley Golf Course is located in between Aurora and Newmarket. Blessed with 7,304-yard and an 18-hole course, this golf course boasts several modern amenities. It includes a pro shop and a clubhouse. Even the visitors can enhance their golf skills from the teaching and training center. They can also practice golfing to improve their practical game on the driving range.

Address: 368 St. Johns Sideroad East, Aurora, ON

Telephone: 1 905 727-7888

Cardinal Golf Club – West Wing

Golf Course In Newmarket, OntarioCardinal Golf Club is a famous golf course in Newmarket, which is a short drive to the east portion of the area. This amazing golf course will challenge all types of golfers including beginner, intermediate, and professional golfers. What’s more, the golf course includes three 18-hole courses with a short course. The short course is convenient for families. There is also a mini-putt and driving range, which are located on-site. In fact, this west wing golf course features water hazards and big ash trees.

Address: 2740 Davis Drive West, Newmarket, ON

Telephone: 1 905 841-7378

Cardinal Golf Club – RedCrest

Golf Course In Newmarket, OntarioAnother Cardinal Golf course, which includes three 18-holes and a short course, designed for families. The measurement of this golf course stands at 6800 yards, which makes it a par-71 championship golf course. The entire golf course is surrounded by flamboyant bunkers with surging green tree, and large wetland, all of which come into play on 14 holes. In truth, the RedCrest Golf Course is a beautiful golf course, which will raise the game of any golfer to another level.

Address: 2740 Davis Drive West, Newmarket, ON

Telephone: 1 905 841-7378

Cardinal Golf Club – Kettle Creek

Golf Course In Newmarket, OntarioThe Kettle Greek Golf Course is part of the Cardinal Golf Course. It is an executive golf course, where you can play for two and a half hour. In fact, this golf course is perfect for people who are on borrowed time. It is suitable for golf players including beginners, families, seniors, and juniors. It also features all the amenities of other Cardinal Golf Courses including three 18-hole courses with 18-hole executive courses.

Address: 2740 Davis Drive West, Newmarket, ON

Telephone: 1 905 841-7378

Cardinal Golf Club – East Wing

Golf Course In Newmarket, OntarioThe east wing golf course is the last golf course from Cardinal Golf Club, which has the same location as the other golf courses. With three 18-hole courses, a mini-putt, and a driving range, this golf course features a wide range of terrain changes on the front nine. There is lush green trees all around the golf course, which requires accurate shot from the golfers on the back nine.

Address: 2740 Davis Drive West, Newmarket, ON

Telephone: 1 705 841-7378

Glenway Country Club

Golf Course In Newmarket, OntarioThe final golf course on our list is the Glenway Country Club, which is a public golf club. It includes exciting amenities including tennis and squash court, a licensed restaurant, a sauna, a fitness center, and a whirlpool. You can host a wide range of events at the golf course such as wedding event, business meeting, conferences, golf tournaments, and banquets. This 18-hole golf course is a championship golf course, meaning that it’s a perfect place for all kinds of golfers.

Address: 470 Crossland Gate, Newmarket, ON

Telephone: 1 905 853-5590

Bottom Line

The bottom line is all the above golf courses in Newmarket, Ontario are suitable for any golfers. These golf courses even offer entertainment alternatives to ensure the golfers or visitors don’t get bored while playing. So, let us know if we have missed something by commenting below.

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Different Types of Paintball Fields

Paintball game is played in different styles, and every style is played in a unique field. The field you choose determines how the paintball game develops and the way you shoot up your opponents. The field and the gun that you use are major factors to consider when deciding where to play paintball game and every person has the style they prefer, and it determines the field they will visit. Have a look at the article below to learn about different types of paintball fields. You might also be interested to know that you can either bring your own gear or rent it when you arrive but you need to book it in advanced. For those interested, cheap paintball guns might be good for those starting out and are not looking for the most expensive gear.

Speedball Field

Different Types of Paintball FieldsThis is one of the most popular paintball fields and is ideal for those who play often. Most, if not all paintball fields are extremely well organized and the setting of the field is well managed to ensure a good flow of the game. Speedball field is developed on a level surface and these fields have a variety of light weight bunkers that can be moved easily. These bunkers are inflatable, and they can be positioned at specific locations to make the game interesting. Speedball fields are developed in both indoor and outdoor settings and you can play several speedball field games on the same day because they are fast. Have in mind that SpeedBall fields are usually more expensive than other types of field. Additionally, the short distance of the field requires additional paint ball because of excessive shooting.

Woodsball Field

Different Types of Paintball FieldsWoods ball field is good for outdoor paintball games because the fields have a natural setting, but there are some human-made obstacles such as barrels, tires, and bunkers. You need to develop several strategies and establish different starting positions for you to be able to enjoy the game. Woods ball field requires regular maintenance and therefore, in order to play on WoodsBall field may be more expensive than other fields. The things that require maintenance include bunkers and uneven ground. Additionally, the ground looks like a military training field and Woodsball field is excellent choice for beginners.

Outlaw Field

Different Types of Paintball FieldsThese are non-professional fields created by the players themselves. They are mostly found in parks, on farm houses, and at home garden. These fields require little resources to create. Usually, these fields lack professional management and players lack necessary field support. It is important that players set their rules before the game starts because these rules will assist in dispute resolution. Moreover, you should also set safety rules before you start playing in outlaw field. Most of all, before playing this game in any field, it is crucial that you ask for permission from property owners.

Urban Warfare Field

Different Types of Paintball FieldsThe field looks like an Urban Battle Field. Urban warfare field has many hiding places and the field is constructed where there are real obstacles such as ambush spots. Players play as a team and the game requires the players to develop a playing strategy for them to win in this game.

Games played on an urban warfare field require players to have leadership skills and believe in their abilities for them to overcome the enemy. Defeated mindset is one of the main reason players never enjoy the game. Leadership skills and self-confidence help a player to plan how to overcome the enemy before attacking. Urban warfare field uses naturally available materials and this type of game requires more mental skills than physical strength.


This above list covers the different types of paintball fields and here are also the most common types of paintball fields. But people do design other fields depending on the environment and according to the intended purpose. Therefore, it is important to understand your playing needs and style in order to practice your skills. It goes without saying that the more you practice, the better you become. In other words, it does not matter what field you play as long as you are determined to improve your skills and practice a lot.

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5 Best Canadian Golfers of All Time

Canada has a rich history of golfer as the country has produced some of the finest golfers in the world. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the five best Canadian golfers of all time. Let’s move forward and know about them in detail.

Mike Weir

Best Canadian Golfers of All TimeMichael Richard Weir is considered as the greatest golfer that is Canada ever produced. He is a left-hander and well known for his 2003 Masters victory. Weir is the only Canadian to win a major championship.Besides that, from 2001-2005 he spent 110 weeks in the top-10 golfer by the official golf ranking. In his golf career, he has won eight PGA Tour and many of his victories came under very intense competition. That’s why he is highly praised than Knudson’s. In addition to that, he has won an aggregate of 15 worldwide events plus five times he has completed the Presidents Cup. It is because of the recent victory and the Masters Tournament that make him the only contender for the top spot on this list.

George Knudson

Best Canadian Golfers of All TimeGeorge Knudson was highly praised as a sweet swinger for all over his career. This is very pathetic that this highly talented and skilled golfer has died just at 51 from a lung cancer. However, with eight PGA Tour titles, he holds the record for the most win as a Canadian, obviously along with Weir. Besides, Knudson has finished in three top-10s in his only seven Masters Tournament appearances. He has won 27 times globally, together with five Canadian PGA tournament.

Stan Leonard

Best Canadian Golfers of All TimeStan Leonard won three PGA tournaments, including the amusing Western Open in the year of 1960. He was well known for one of the longest hitters and finest ball strikers of his time. Leonard won eight Canadian PGA tournaments as well as 16 other professional events on the PGA Tour Canada. In addition to that, Stan Leonard was included as a fellow of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame.

Moe Norman

Best Canadian Golfers of All TimeIf this were a list of the best Canadian accurate ball-strikers ever, no other than Moe Norman would have ranked top by a tremendous margin. He was known as the “Pipeline Moe” for his ability and precision to hit shots perfectly through endless hours. Many believe that if he got enough support in the USA which he had in Canada, his career record on the PGA could have been a noteworthy one. Rather, he participated in the PGA Tournament infrequently. However, his professional record in Canada is just superb with 55 wins in PGA Tour Canada as well as two Canadian Men’s Amateur.

Stephen Ames

Best Canadian Golfers of All TimeStephen Ames was born in Trinidad and Tobago in 1964, he married a Canadian air hostess thus carries dual citizenship. He won four PGA tours and three internationals. His most noteworthy triumph was The Players Championship, 2006, with an impressive six shots. Apart from Weir’s 2003 Masters victory, Ames’ Players Championship win is one of the incredible performance in professional golf tour by a Canadian in recent times. In his 254 starts, Ames has totaled top-10 finishes in 58th times.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Golf Hitting Net

When you are buying a hitting net, you must be careful because of space it will occupy be it in your garage or in your backyard. The main thing here is to buy one golf hitting net, which is space-friendly. Most importantly, it must fit into your home comfortably. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the things you should consider when buying a golf hitting net. Let’s move forward and read the article carefully.

Consider the size and weight of the net

First of all, you must measure the space in your home to ensure you are getting the perfect-sized golf hitting net. Therefore, if you know the width, depth, and height separately, they will help you immensely. In fact, you can easily omit the nets, which are not compatible to your space requirements.

Durability is the key

After the size consideration, you should consider durability of the net. The thing is a golf hitting net with safety standards will make everything easy. On a side note, if it is sturdy and possesses strong built-in design, it can withstand any kind workload. For example, a durable net will survive several days of workload. This is why many people prefer to buy nets, which can last several years.

On the contrary, you will see lots of cheap alternatives, but they will not come good in the long run. A cheap golf hitting net will break-out soon as they are susceptible breaking. Even they will crash or get broken with a slight smack. Not to mention, you or your driver can get injured while carrying poor golf hitting net. In that sense, when you are buying golf nets, you must look for durability above anything else.

Ease of setup is important

Another big consideration is the ease of setup. When purchasing a golf hitting net, you must be aware of how much time you spend to install it in your space. If you are spending a lot of time to set the golf net, it’s not a good option for you. In addition, if you need to set it up while using it for momentarily, then the ease of setup is significant for you. Therefore, you must figure out what you want from the golf hitting net. Remember that a golf net with less time for setup (like the Rukknet) would do a world of good to you.

The price must reflect the product

Cost is the final big consideration, which you must consider seriously. There are different types of golf hitting net available on the market. All of these vary according to size, durability, and price. You will find nets, which will cost only $45 but you will see golf nets ranging from $500 to $1000 in price. So, the point the more you spend, the better the golf hitting net. If you want to buy the best nets, you have to spend a good sum – it’s like you get what you pay for.


The bottom line is those who are serious about playing golf would agree with us as each consideration greatly reflects the benefits of using the best golf hitting nets. Still, if you think you can add to our recommendation, then leave us a comment below.

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Top Ten Golf Courses in Ontario

Gold courses are in abundant in Ontario, Canada and here we are; we have come up with a list of the top 10 golf courses in Ontario where you can play golf blissfully. So, let’s have a quick look at the article.

St George’s Golf & Country Club – Ontario

Top Ten Golf Courses in OntarioThe renowned St George’s Golf & Country Club was initially known as The Royal York Golf Club. It is currently located among the tree-lined streets of Etobicoke, Toronto, in the west end region of Islington. The green and beautiful club was first established in 1909 by Robert Home Smith. St George facilitated the first Canadian Open in 1933, and most recently in 2010, besides that, it has hosted another three Canadian Open. However, in 2014, the Club has been rated as No. 30 in the world by Golf Digest magazine, and several times it has been evaluated as the top three of Canada. With an eye to holding another Canadian Open recently this typically designed course has extended its length, to 7,025 yards.

Ear Falls Golf & Country Club

Top Ten Golf Courses in OntarioThe Ear Falls has located just a couple of minutes away from the Ear Falls of Ontario. This is a green and amazing golf club, surrounded by spectacular scenery. Generally, they have a very challenging nine-hole course. However, the main feature of this golf club is medium-shaped greens. Besides that, the courses come up with few slope and generally has narrow, flat fairways.

Red Lake Area Golf and Country Club

Top Ten Golf Courses in OntarioIf you want to experience a natural northern wildlife, the Red Lake Golf Club is a perfect place for you. This is mainly three-season course and is open to the public. Located on the Northwestern Ontario, this pristine golf course has a very challenging 18-hole course. This amazing course will surely challenge the most expert golfer. Currently, Red Lake owns 88 acres of perfectly-prepared fairways, beautiful ponds, and lakes, rough boreal woods, bulrush streams etc. However, Red Lake comes up with the quick greens, lavish fairways, practice greens, pro-shop, on-course brew service, lounge, bar, and dining facilities as well.

Sioux Lookout Golf and Curling Club

Top Ten Golf Courses in OntarioThe Sioux Lookout was initially named as Ojibway Golf and Curling Club. Located at the center of Northern Ontario, this wonderful club attracts the locality of Sioux Lookout. The Sioux dates back to the mid-sixties. With stunning visual scenery and challenging 9-hole course, this club is a dreamy place for recreational activity-lovers.However, In the wonderful pre-summer and late-spring months, they guarantee a pleasing and unwinding golfing encounter on its excellent, organized 9-hole course.

Beauty Bay Golf Course, Kenora

Top Ten Golf Courses in OntarioThe Beauty Bay Golf Course is situated near the shorelines of the great Black Sturgeon Lake. It is locally known as the “Diamond in the Rough”. With breathtaking landscape and pure enjoyment, it offers a great challenge for the golfers. However, the sports golf has been developed into Northwest Ontario’s prime 18-hole golf courses, over the past few times. This golf course can be a really worthy exploration for all class of golfers.

National Golf Club of Canada, Ontario, Canada

Top Ten Golf Courses in OntarioThe National Golf Club of Canada is located in the Woodbridge, Ontario. It is often known as the finest and pure golf course in Canada. Besides that, it is highly regarded as one of the best as well. The club was initially founded by Irv Hennick, Gil Blechman, and Harvey Kalef and it was designed by Tom Fazio and George Fazio.

Beacon Hall – Ontario – Canada

Top Ten Golf Courses in OntarioWith just only 260 shareholders the Beacon Hall, Ontario is known as a private equity club. This is the ideal place the passionate golfer. The course is intended to make delighted the golfer in each level of golfing skills. However, beyond the courses, there are plenty of other reason to join this club as it was ranked by the Golf Digest one of the finest golf clubs in the world. Besides, it is ranked no three in Canada as well.

Dryden Area Courses

Top Ten Golf Courses in OntarioThere are the courses to choose from in Dryden Area Courses. The Eagle’s Landing is situated on the shorelines of the mighty Wabigoon Lake. It comes up with par-36, 9-hole golf course is surrounded by the scenic environment. Each hole contains minimum one trap of sand, as well as every four holes, has water obstacles. The Evergreen Golf Course located near the road of Wabigoon Lake, and it comes up with the fully authorized 9-hole course. this course has an outstanding capacity to host tournaments for about 35-70 individuals. The no third golf course you can pick is the Anderson’s Homestead in Dryden.

White Moose Golf Course, Sioux Narrows

Top Ten Golf Courses in OntarioThe beautiful White Moose is situated on the shorelines of Lake of the Woods. It comes with an amazing 9-hole, par-35 golf course. Unlike many others, the White Moose is one of the lone golf courses where a golfer can drive his/her boat exactly to the clubhouse. Whenever you are bored about fishing in the lake you can always come in this beautiful club and play some golf.

Spruce Creek Golf Course, Morson

Top Ten Golf Courses in OntarioThe amazing Spruce Creek is located just 40km north of Sleeman, Ontario.It is only 10 years old and one of the newest addition to the Morson’s recreational opportunity. This privately owned and professionally designed course comes up with a 9-hole, par-36 golf course. The course is set amid the rough territory of the Laurentian Plateau with challenging, reeling fairways. In addition to that, if you are lucky enough you may see a fox, deer, eagle in this peaceful and beautiful environment.

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What to Consider When Buying a Golf Stand Bag

If you play golf regularly, then you must understand the significance of having a golf stand bag. A golf stand bag is an essential part of a golfer as it is used to transport all golf equipment from one place to another. What’s more, you can keep all golf equipment in one place. However, when it comes to buying the best golf stand bag, people often make a terrible mistake by buying less quality product.

In this article, we are going to educate you by explaining the key considerations of buying a golf stand bag. These key facts will help you in making an informed buying decision. So, scroll down to read more.

The essential things you should consider before buying a golf stand bag

As you are buying a golf stand bag, you must consider the following aspects correctly to ensure you are getting the best product for your need:

What to Consider When Buying a Golf Stand BagCan the bag carry the desired number of golf clubs?

When you are buying a golf stand bag, you should check how many golf clubs the bag can carry. It’s important to know this information as many golfers has several golf clubs in their collection.

Does the bag sturdy and durable?

Well, you should examine whether the golf stand bag is sturdy and durable. If yes, then what about the guarantee of providing long service? All these facts will help you in figuring out the craftsmanship of the bag. Ultimately, you will find whether the bag is a high-quality product or not.

What about the raw materials, which were used to make the golf stand bag?

Finding the answer to this question would assist you in checking the quality of the bag again. In fact, it would be a significant indicator of quality. Therefore, you should try to know from where the raw materials have been sourced. You will see that most of the golf stand bags are made of lightweight synthetic fabrics.

What is the weight of the bag?

Before buying a golf stand bag, you must find out the weight of your bag. If you will carry the bag around the course, it must be a lightweight one. On the other hand, if the bag is carried around by a cart, it can be a bit heavy. So, the way the bag is transporting from one place to another will determine the exact weight of the bag.

What to Consider When Buying a Golf Stand BagWhat things would the bag carry?

There are three types of golfers – novice, intermediate, and professional level golfer. Now, each of these players plays golf in a different way. In that sense, each player will use different golf equipment, meaning that the golf stand bag would have to carry diverse golf equipment for each player. So, it’s necessary to create a list of the items that the bag would carry. Besides, you should also check whether the bag has an additional storage facility as well.

How would you organize the bag?

Since there will be different types of golf equipment, you will have several ways to manage them. So, you should make sure the bag you are buying can adapt to your need to manage different types of golf equipment. As a golfer, you always have to be organized as it will reflect on your game of play massively.

Does the bag offer weather protection and portability?

Weather protection is extremely important as you may find yourself in adverse weather conditions on the course. In that case, if your bag provides proper weather protection, you can easily protect your golf equipment. In addition to this fact, your golf stand bag must be a portable one. You have to move around the golf course several times and you may also have to travel from one golf course to another as well. In both cases, ensuring the portability of your bag will ensure you can travel around safely.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is if you follow the above tips, you can surely buy a high-quality golf stand bag. Not to mention the user reviews will allow yourself to have a clear idea of what you should expect from golf stand bag. So, if you want to share your thoughts, feel free to comment in the below.

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