With pic – T-Hub celebrates seven years of impact in entrepreneurship, innovation ecosystem

IT Minister KT Rama Rao said that T-Hub is a true inspiration for world-class technological development of the country by diversifying and strengthening the economic base and also for Telangana to maintain global competitiveness.

Mr. Rao was speaking at the seventh anniversary celebration of T-Hub, which drives the success of entrepreneurs with defined results through effective global collaboration. T-Hub celebrated its seventh Foundation Day to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.

He said: “Over the past seven years, T-Hub has become a leading example of connecting startups with key stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem, such as government, academia, corporations and investors. T-Hub has played a disruptive and progressive role in helping Telangana become a national technology hub for entrepreneurs and innovation seekers.”

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Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, Information Technology (IT) said: “To build a more prosperous and fairer economy in India, our entrepreneurial community needs all the capacity to grow faster and create more jobs. It is important that corporations , investors and other state governments are also required to evaluate and use India’s technology solutions, T-Hub will provide them with all the access to collaborate and enable them to succeed.”

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The festivities saw industry leaders, government representatives and other dignitaries gather to share their perspectives on entrepreneurship and innovation. Srinivas Kollipara, group president of Startup Ventures for Xelpmoc Design & Tech Ltd. and co-founder of T-Hub and Anu Acharya, founder and CEO of Mapmygenome participated.

Empowering the burgeoning startup ecosystem, the event witnessed engaging talks from industry leaders, government representatives and other dignitaries to inspire the next generation of founders and dreamers.

Since 2015, T-Hub has contributed immensely to India’s innovation and startup ecosystem, facilitating job creation and funding opportunities for startups. To celebrate, inspire and engage the startup community, the event focused on T-Hub’s 6Ms – mentors, market, motivation, workforce, money and methodologies.

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Srinivas Rao Mahankali, CEO of T-Hub, said: “For these seven amazing years, T-Hub has been committed to creating an ecosystem that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation. Our robust innovation ecosystem empowers founders to overcome entrepreneurial challenges while providing bringing a network of experienced mentors, funding avenues, market access and networking opportunities with ecosystem stakeholders has helped.


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