Where could America be today without racial barriers?

James A. Nuckles

As a boy growing up on the banks of the Genetta Ditch because of racism, I had to stop and be “without”. But I thank God for having parents who have good morals, hardworking, good thinking, foreseeing the future and so on. The inner values ​​I instilled at a young age allowed me to escape social and economic slavery, but not without scars. We were poor by today’s standards, but we didn’t know it because we were taught to wash when it gets dirty, to pick up from your yard, to say yes sir and mother and so on.

Dr.  James A. Nuckles is a retired teacher and senior pastor at Stonetank Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery.

Discrimination continues when people of a different race are not seen as people with mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and personal lives filled with joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams. Because they are of a different race, to the racists, they are minorities.


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