‘When I Tried Liquor..’ – ‘Jehovah’s Witness‘ Serena Williams Once Delved Into Her ’Rebellious’ Phase and How Mother’s Guidance Shaped Her

Venus and Serena Williams have made a big difference to the sport by creating a great legacy in the field of women’s tennis. However, it did not come easily. The two sisters followed the instructions given by their parents. Richard Williams and Orasene Price directed their two daughters. However, Serena has talked about being cheated on twice in her life in an earlier interview.


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But she said she was always obedient. Let’s see what she did.


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Serena Williams has been a burglar twice in her life.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion has always been a submissive woman; Following the instructions set by her parents. However, the younger of the two famous Williams sisters had her own rebellious moments. In the year After giving birth to Olympia in 2018, “Obedience brings protection; that’s what my mother told me. It’s straight from the Bible, and she wrote it down on a piece of paper and gave it to me.”

2019 US Open Tennis Tournament – Day Eleven. Serena Williams of the United States celebrates winning the women’s singles semifinal match against Elina Svitolina of Ukraine during the US Open tennis tournament at Arthur Ashe Stadium at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in September 2019 at the USA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. 5, 2019 in Flushing, Queens, New York City. (Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

Serena recounted her experience., “I was always obedient: I did whatever my parents told me to do. There was no discussion. However, she also admits that she can get a little out of the way in between. she said, “Maybe when I first tried alcohol I had a slightly rebellious phase in my 20s.”

Apart from this: “Probably having a baby on the tennis tour is the most violent thing I’ve ever done.” If bringing Olympia into the world is the most rebellious thing Serena has ever done, we can trust her to always be the obedient daughter.

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Serena and her amazing journey into retirement

Serena Williams retired with one of the most impressive tennis records in the history of the sport. With 23 Grand Slams and 73 singles titles, her career numbers remain a distant dream for many professional players. However, Serena has not won another Grand Slam title since winning the Australian Open in 2017. After suffering a muscle ailment at Wimbledon last year, the American player returned to the grass court season where she suffered a first round defeat.

Check out this story: Serena Williams once said she didn’t want to make money, but she made an exception for her daughter, Olympia.

But that was not the case when she played at the US Open. She advanced to the third round and retired with the honor and respect her home crowd paid her.


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