Webasto Sun Roof

Webasto Sun Roof – Stockdorf / Munich – September 10, 2019 – This year’s IAA Webasto presents the world premiere for autonomous vehicles. The global market leader for roofing systems presents the Roof Sensor module, a roofing system with integrated sensors and connected heating and cleaning systems, at Europe’s leading mobile trade fair in Hall 8.0, Booth D10.

The transition from classic cars to autonomous cars presents new challenges for car manufacturers. The best placement of the sensor is important in capturing the atmosphere. The functionality of the sensor should be guaranteed in all weather conditions. As the highest point of the car, the car roof offers the best conditions.

Webasto Sun Roof

With the world’s largest portfolio of panoramas and solar roofs, Webasto specializes in integrating sensor technology into roofs in an attractive way. For the roof sensor module, Webasto uses advanced 3D molding materials such as polycarbonate. This allows for the integration of components into the roof structure and has a positive effect on the structure of the pilot and the vehicle. To ensure sensor functionality in all weather conditions and pollution, Webasto offers intelligent heat management and a water and air cleaning system. Webasto can implement a transparent and open roofing system at the same time with integrated sensors and high rigidity. Additional functions such as ambient light or interchangeable mirrors may also be added in the future.

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With years of experience in the industrial and electronics industry and its heating expertise, Webasto manages the mechatronic roof system control and works closely with automotive and parts manufacturers. In particular, collaboration with Pony.ai, the global pioneer of the autonomous movement in Silicon Valley in California and China, has just begun. “With the Roof Sensor module, we are consolidating our core business in line with our two strategies and are actively preparing for the future of autonomous driving,” explained Dr. Holger Engelmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Webasto SE. “Because of the strategic change with Pony.ai and the combination of our capabilities, we are able to provide our customers with a reliable and scalable solution,” Engelman said. James Peng, co-founder and CEO of Pony.ai, added: “Producing a self-driving vehicle to some extent is not easy. It requires the whole car ecosystem and technology together. Sensor modules for Autonomous vehicles. Luxurious design meets the ease of smart operation – Panorama Sunroof from Webasto in the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class

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Stockdorf / Munich – June 2, 2021 – Webasto, the global market leader for roof systems, offers the Panorama Sunroof for the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The large glass surfaces provide a nice bright atmosphere inside the car. Shades can be provided on demand with two individual sliding curtains. Operation of modular and blind roof systems is easy and individual through gestures and voice control.

The dual roof module allows the driver and passengers in the back of the vehicle to make individual and individual decisions on the settings they need. To open a sliding roof, turn on the Mercedes-Benz MBUX voice assistant or swipe your finger on the car’s center panel. The front of the sliding roof can be set to the vent position even at top speed. Plus, it can be fully enabled in less than eight seconds. The 73cm long glossy glass panel sits harmoniously above the standard rear screen module. Improved air deflection to save installation space, reduce airflow to desired level.

The roller blind system uses 100% opaque fabric for the front and rear sections of the roof, both of which can be controlled separately. With this, the driver and passenger in the back of the car can adjust the settings to meet their respective preferences. Thanks to innovations in technology, the roof drive is one of the quietest models available on the market today in terms of operation and wind noise.

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Webasto Recalls Almost 50,000 Sunroofs In Australia

Technical features such as gestures and voice control make roofing operations much easier. The management system for the software is scalable – which means the technology is always up to date. “This modular roof system sets completely new standards in terms of comfort and technology. It lays the foundation for a new generation of roofing systems,” explains Michael Respantek, executive vice president of Roofing and Components Europe at Webasto. The first solar roof was installed on the Audi 80 coupe in 1989. After that, suppliers continue to rely on technology, making it a topic again at IAA 2021.

Stockdorf, Germany – September 6, 2021 – Solar technology is changing and Webasto is on board. Global car suppliers are now equipping South Korean manufacturers with various models with their solar roofs, and interest in sustainable technology is growing.

For electric and hybrid cars, solar is a good solution because it charges and solar energy can be used directly to generate electricity. Today’s efficient solar cells produce more electricity that can be used to recharge batteries through intelligent battery management. As a result, the alternator is released and fuel consumption is reduced. The carbon dioxide storage potential of solar roofs is also impressive. Gasoline engines emit an average of 3.8 g/km less than diesel cars at 2.65 g/km when recharged on a solar roof. This means that solar roofs are currently considered one of the most efficient eco-innovations on the market.

Experts from Webasto, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar and Energy Systems, ISE and Sono Motors GmbH will talk about the potential of solar energy and the future of its vehicles during a round table discussion on “Solar Energy – Possibilities and Limitations”. 8, 1-1:30 p.m. Visual integration of sensor technology into the roof of the car on September 9 at 5 pm at the Webasto booth (Odeonsplatz, OP 430) and on the Webasto Group LinkedIn.

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Stockdorf, Germany – September 6, 2021 – With a roof sensor module, global supplier Webasto is helping to shape the future of autonomous driving and giving automakers the opportunity to maintain their own vehicle architecture.

Radar and lidar camera technology lays the foundation for safe and reliable 360° environmental detection in autonomous driving. Assemblies of various sensors are placed at different levels on the roof to detect obstacles and road user hazards in all weather conditions. Many technologies combine their respective strengths to ensure reliable results in all weather conditions.

As a systems integrator, Webasto mechatronic relies on a newly developed network of long-standing development partners. For its sensor portfolio, Webasto works closely with market-leading suppliers such as Bosch, Hesai, Innoviz Technologies, Luminar and Robosense to provide innovative solutions in new areas of lidar technology. In addition to lidar sensor technology, Bosch specializes in environmental detection using cameras and radar technology. Various cleaning systems with water and air are integrated into the roof sensor module to ensure the functionality of the sensor technology in all weather conditions and with all types of contaminants. Here, for example, Webasto relies on the expertise of dlhBowles and Röchling. Delta Electronics’ intelligent thermal management ensures optimal operating conditions, while the national instrument contributes to a reliable measurement system.

With this in mind, sensors, cameras and related functions can be integrated into the roof system in an impressive way. In this way, open and transparent roofs are also possible for self-driving vehicles. Examples of features that can be added in addition to normal sensor technology options are sliding roof systems, solar technology, ambient lighting, or interchangeable glass.

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