WebAssembly Platform Company Cosmonic Raises $8.5 Million Seed Funding, Launches PaaS

WebAssembly platform Cosmonic has raised $8.5 billion in seed funding in a round led by Vertex Ventures. It also released a Platform-as-a-Service version of its WebAssembly distributed application development platform.

Cosmonic’s PaaS is built on the open source wasmCloud, currently a Cloud Native Computing Foundation container project. It provides a message bus, based on the NATS open-source messaging system, to connect different instances of wasmCloud as well, as a service mesh in Kubernetes. It also uses a hot-pluggable model for defining applications as a collection of common objects.

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“We believe that WebAssembly is an electronic engine for a single process,” said Liam Randall, CEO of Cosmonic. “Then our idea is, like the service meshes, we will provide common services everywhere before leaving the authentication and separate the tracing and the logging and the metrics in that with this app. Why not include all the components that are common to every application – file managers, security components, libraries – and make them available everywhere?”

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This concept grew out of Randall’s experiences as VP of Innovation at Capital One, where he oversaw the development and implementation of open source technologies.

“One of the things I’ve noticed is that we’re looking at a fleet of 5,000-or-so applications that we’ve built in-house, and over 95% of the core is the same. . More than that, it’s just boilerplate copying from app to app,” he said.

WasmCloud components provide a set of advanced capabilities, defined by an interface—or agreement—explaining how something works. Parts can be changed with the same interface, online. By combining this concept with a letter knife, particles can be found from anywhere in the Cosmonic mesh. Applications become composable collections of common technical components available anywhere in the mesh combined with specific business logic.

Developers can focus on research-specific analysis, and spend less time on business issues, while platform teams can focus on building high-quality, composable services that consumers can consume. application developer. The combination of hot-swappable components and networking means that storage and transfer becomes a complete network operation.

“We want to build Cosmonic the same way AWS built their cloud,” Randall said. “When you build at Cosmonic you use these composable blocks to build your applications. You can use the capabilities that we give you, or you can extend our capabilities and add new features that weren’t available before. And you can build, test, and run the same code anywhere you want: private cloud, public cloud, in the corner, anywhere you want to go.

Cosmonic is focused on customers who use their own assets and are interested in the applications provided, more than those who focus on the server in a public cloud. Power companies, utilities, financial services, and other parties have common software needs and require a more sophisticated or distributed approach.

It’s a challenge for Cosmonic, and all new WebAssembly-based businesses, to be connected with applications and data sources that don’t use WebAssembly. We’ve seen a similar challenge with Kubernetes deployments as ephemeral, stateless deployments given stateful workloads. It’s the data that makes the most important applications for a business, and that data lives in existing data stores.

“Docker really rode that wave, most of the things that got into the cloud were just taking things that were already running and putting them in containers,” Randall said. “I understand that some will install Kubernetes on WebAssembly. But most of the applications that will be developed will be greenfield on these new platforms. WebAssembly is the future of computing.

I hope to see the future in real time.


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