Volley Co-Founder Says Industry ‘Went Wrong’ by Coupling Voice Control With ‘Imaginary Humans’ (Podcast)

Volley Co-Founder Max Child sees a bright future for voice control in the tech world, but says the industry is “wrong” by associating voice control with “thinking people ,” like Siri and Alexa.

“We’ve made a bit of a mistake as an industry in tightly associating voice control with thinking people and little cylinders sitting on your desk,” Child said on TheWrap’s “Tech vs Media” podcast with host Richard Wolpert. “I think language is a very good thing, and I think you can do simple things on your computer, on your phone. [and] in these smart home devices without having a conscious person living in your devices.

As the technology around voice control and AI develops rapidly, the child sees Siri and voice control in Apple devices as a way to “secure” the service through “great promise and “not providing” voice control capabilities.

“Once people think of each voice driving interface with a mental AI assistant, I think you open yourself up like, ‘Okay, this person can answer questions. and a human can answer,’ That’s a wide range of things,” Child explained, adding that a human can prompt users to ask follow-up questions that the AI ​​isn’t designed to do. to answer.

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On the other hand, Child sees Siri on Apple TV as a “better experience,” because the format limits users’ expectations of the AI ​​to just voice control and with apps – like Alexa does with music playback.

Son, whose company Volley created voice-controlled games such as “Song Quiz” and “Yes Sire,” predicts that voice control will become part of every “computer device in . [users’] life in five to 10 years” – with absolute truth.

“If we enter an AR, VR virtual world, it’s crazy not to think that you’re talking to those devices and doing a lot of things … with your voice,” Child said, adding cars will use noise reduction features. . “The market for me is like all computer programs – it doesn’t mean that we will be successful in all computer programs – but I think the participation is real.”

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For the founder, using voice control was an intuitive move for technology because “talking is the most common way to communicate with someone…

“Computers have evolved to fit people better than people,” he said. “It seems so easy that we use voice to interact with our computer programs. It’s all about how you can make the software and audio experience better, in a very easy-to-use way. [and] it’s as easy to use as a glove.

Listen to the full episode below.

Important feedback:

  • Max Child concludes that Volley’s goal is to be “the home page for competitive games, in all genres”

  • Max Child goes as far as accessibility with voice control software

  • Max Child explores how voice control and AI features interact in gaming

  • Max Child predicts that Alexa will drive sales for Amazon Music

  • Max Child explains why he thinks Siri on Apple TV is “better” than Siri on iPhone

  • Max Child reports that the industry is going through a transition from “deterministic programming to AI and design to machine learning”

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