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Fishing is a lifelong excursion in Sweden’s 100,000 lakes, waterways, forests and beaches. Come and cook salmon, trout or arctic fish.

Up Country Sport Fishing

Fishing in Sweden Laws, guides and information about fishing areas in Sweden Fishing in southern Sweden Fishing in central Sweden Fishing in northern Sweden Fishing vacation with nature Best fishing with holidays Nature’s Best is Europe’s first eco-label to guarantee hundreds of quality. Tours are conducted by almost hundreds of environmentally recognized tour operators across the country.

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The largest lake in Sweden is Lake Vnern (southwest) with an area of ​​about 5,600 square kilometers. It is so large that it has its own climate system and an archipelago of about 20,000 islands. If you think this offers great fishing opportunities then you are right. You can go trolling for salmon and Trout, Pike and Trout. Find out more about the rules, guidelines and fishing grounds in Sweden

Southern Sweden has mainly lowland lakes with pike, rock and perch and motte species. As you travel north, the landscape changes. In the south are mountain forests and carpeted forests with thousands of lakes containing carp, carp and carp, as well as gray and squid.

As you approach the line of trees in northern Sweden, where vast expanse of pine forests, the ends of the Arctic tundra, grasslands, glaciers and high peaks cover. The lake is full of brown, gray, and arctic rocks.

Sweden also has well-stocked lakes, mostly in the central and southern parts of the country.

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The main river systems are located in the north of the country. They are so strong that they walk across the desert. Lazy pools, waterfalls and fast flowing water. And great fishing.

Hiring a guide is a good idea if you are fishing in the Arctic because of the small population, the terrain can be difficult and the weather can be harsh. All added to its exotic. Species to watch include brown, brown, and gray squirrels. Other attractions to visit here include the spectacular northern lights and midnight sun, as well as the pristine nature.

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Going into central Sweden, you will see the southern part of the Dallven River, 200 km long. Its surroundings are grasslands, wetlands and trails. And great fishing waters. Clothing for large pike and perch and zander. Interestingly, in 2010 the largest freshwater fish caught in Sweden was caught in the river.

Salmon? Visit the Morumsen River in the southern Swedish province of Blekinge. There are dozens of rivers on this east coast that flow into central Sweden with salmon and sea bass.

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Sweden’s long U-shaped coastline is east, south and west. It is bounded on the east by the Gulf of Finland and Botswana, and on the west by Norway and the North Sea.

The east coast of Sweden is bordered by islands and borders. Rent a boat or fish from the shores of a deep island in the archipelago and chances are you will catch a giant sea shark or tiger.

There are great fishing opportunities in Hanobuktan on the southern coast of Sweden and in the waters of Simrishamn. Trolling for salmon here can get you 25+ pounds of fish. True.

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I recently organized a two-day fishing / hunting camp with my son Louis.

I went home after a day of sightseeing and we loaded up our truck and traveled across the country fishing and shooting rabbits! On the first day, we reached a tributary of one of the South Stream’s largest streams, containing both brown and rainbow cucumbers, at between 3 and 6 pounds. The day was a bit cloudy but warm and quiet with some flies up from the surface of the pool first, Lewis was the first and dropped his dry fly on the first fish sitting on the tail of the pool and got up. Smell Adam. Louis waits to pick fish! Joe continues to rip in the pool and run fast, the chase continues! After 5 minutes of fighting, the fish were bred and Dad (I) slid the net safely under the 5.5kg rainbow fish! Louis’s new rainbow of Punjab!

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Five heights and a quick photo and the fish are gone, now it’s our father’s turn to continue the next journey, which unfortunately was interrupted by Louie’s fish, so we continued up the water to a large backyard with 2 brown fish. Beautiful is sailing. Around it. I have an Adam fly attached to a small, heavy fish, and I dropped it well in front of the first carp … and in front of the fish that gently lifted my fly and sucked it … Boom !!! I stayed … for a while while the fish was releasing itself straight to the nearest tree stump …. to Louis’s entertainment! I dropped my stick a while later and decided to focus on Louie and her acting / streaming craft throughout the day.

Catch 4 fish a day, 2 rainbow fish and 2 brown prawns weighing from 4kg to 7lbs per day, 1 cracker, I will love forever! “It’s very special in the European context,” said Tor Ridgren, a flight professor at Norway’s only university.

Protecting The Resource

He spent hours on the riverbank. Sometimes he went to the river bank for a few hours to study without a stick.

“Everything is based on the strong experience of nature. The special thing about fly fishing is that the better it is to mimic what this fish is eating, the easier it is to catch it. The goal is to trick the fish.” He says. Moderate laughter.

“Some of my fishing trips can be described as missions where I load my car with food and go for two or three weeks. But I live in Elverum, where Norway’s largest river, the Glomma River, flows through the middle. An hour after fishing is enough to relax and put a smile on my face before I go home. ‘

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You can find good freshwater fishing all over Norway. There are many species under the surface. The type of fish you catch depends on the place and part of the country where you are fishing.

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“My personal favorite is Arctic char, which is the most beautiful fish. It has a slightly red belly and a bright olive color on both sides. It tastes delicious too! Arctic char is a freshwater species that you see tall. Areas such as the Femundmarka in eastern Norway, the Trndelag and the mountains of northern Norway are great places to start exploring. A great place for flying fishermen to start exploring. There is paradise for it, ”Torey explains.

Experienced anglers often have the best place for themselves, but some areas are so large that there is room for more.

“There are 900 fishing grounds in Engerdalen and Femundmarka. It’s the same water as the locals. In Namskogan in Trndelag the fishing license gives you 800 ounces. It’s amazing,” Torre says.

Remember that you must buy a fishing ticket and pay for salmon, trout and arctic char before fishing.

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“In the sea, a natural saltwater fish, it is fun to fish with a stick! People often travel to Chitra, Smola and other gems in the northwest to fish.

To go freshwater fishing in lakes, rivers and streams in Norway, you need a fishing license (“fiskort” in Norwegian).

Fishing licenses are issued by local landowners and fishing organizations. You can register your inatur.no license in. Can buy online

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