The world’s only anonymous singer-songwriter, Peter Lake, emerges out of the woods with his EP ‘GREEN’ dedicated to the epic love affair between Blue and Yellow

Peter Lake says: “I’ll be known as the greatest songwriter of all time. Get on the boat early! If you’re going to climb a mountain, why not Everest?”

Featured Image for Peter Lake Sounds LLC

Featured Image for Peter Lake Sounds LLC

Featured Image for Peter Lake Sounds LLC

NEW YORK, Jan. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The self-proclaimed “Ghost of New York” strikes again with three hit songs that make up the first release of 2023. Peter Lake, the world’s only unknown singer-songwriter, has burst onto the scene in the past 24 months with a string of songs that have amassed over 23 million streams on Spotify and 19 million streams on YouTube. Once again, Lake has used his music to create powerful messages to help listeners around the world find comfort and seek optimism. On her lead single, “Sweet Sour Minds,” Lake reached out to her growing fan base and promised to write a song about whatever they decide. The process, documented by Lake on his YouTube channel, led to the writing of “Sweet Minds.” Lake expresses the idea that “We can empower everything by loving it, and if something happens to us, it can destroy our spirit. But in the end, after everything is resolved, we remain optimistic, it’s fine anyway.”

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Crowds is a song by Lake’s favorite collaborator Charlie Drayton, whose unique drum beat transforms the song at once through Lake’s sometimes cryptic lyrics, as well as a fast-paced anthem protesting against the unfair use of power. Lake comments, “Charlie’s drumming sound is different. There’s magic there. I’m so glad he’s finished his tour with Bob Dylan. I need Charlie back.”

Perhaps the most unusual element of Lake’s latest EP is the song “Comfort’s Cross,” which defies Lake’s electropop genre. On this recent release, Comforts Cross, Lake reminds the listener that music no longer has a genre. The song, a classic ballad that Lake originally wrote as a poem in response to the loss of a loved one and the grief that follows, is a raw and visceral emotional response, led by her voice and backed by minimal background music.

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Green is now available everywhere music is played. To learn more about Peter Lake’s music, please visit his social media. @peterlakemusic

All inquiries can be sent to [email protected]

Biography of the artist:

Peter Lake is a Canadian-born singer and songwriter based in New York City who enjoys anonymity. In an age where privacy is scarce, Peter believes that the ability to create music is protected by confidentiality and working with non-standard partners to avoid the limitations of traditional record deals, which often treat recorded music as a means of making music. Excursions are encouraged. Peter is the first of his kind: an artist who performs live concerts exclusively through an online platform, freeing him to focus solely on writing and recording new and original music that spans all genres. In the process, Peter has amassed one of the largest catalogs of singers and songwriters in the industry. His musical influences include Neil Young, Max Martin, David Bowie, Motown and Drake. Not surprisingly, his songs are hard to place, often flying between (and combining) house sounds, guitar riffs and “traditional chants and natural sounds”. Lake considers his work to be an avalanche: you don’t know which snow will start an avalanche, “my job is to make snow”. Through his continued work over the next decade, Lake plans to gradually replace Max Martin as the greatest singer who ever lived.

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