The transformation between different topological spin textures

The transition between different topological spin textures

The transition from skyrmions to bimerons occurs in a magnetic disk, where deformed skyrmion bubbles and chiral labyrinth domains appear as nontrivial intermediate transition states. The change is induced by the electrically induced Oersted field and the temperature induced perpendicular magnetic anisotropy change. Location: Shinshu University

Skyrmions and bimerons are topological spin particles in thin films with asymmetric interactions, and can be used as information carriers for low-voltage memory, high-resolution neuromorphic communication, and advanced quantum computing. They have many degrees of freedom that can carry information.

The transition between isolated skyrmions and bimerons is an important step for future design due to the different topological parameters. Therefore, it is important for the community to find effective ways to identify the creation, transformation, and processing of skyrmions and bimerons in magnetic materials.

In a recent study published in Nano lettersThe team led by Xiaoxi Liu shows experiments and simulations that can create isolated skyrmions and their subsequent transformation into bimerons in a magnetic disk surrounded by a microcoil carrying a current and omega, where the Oersted electric field is installed. and temperature-induced perpendicular magnetic anisotropy changes play important roles in the transition between skyrmions and bimerons.

The researchers found that the material embedded in the microcoil can generate an Oersted field that changes the magnetization of the magnetic disk on the outer edges of the plane. Meanwhile, the material inserted in the microcoil can heat up the magnetic disk and result in an increase in the temperature of the device.

As a result, a decrease in magnetic anisotropy is observed in the magnetic disk, leading to magnetization reorientation from the out-of-plane direction to the in-plane direction and thus, e induces the transition from skyrmions to bimerons. The researchers also observe deformed skyrmion bubbles and chiral labyrinth centers during the transition between skyrmions and bimerons.

The researchers’ results show that two different types of topological spin textures can be accommodated by a single film with asymmetric exchange interactions, which can provide guidelines for the construction of spintronic applications. more about different types of topological spin textures.

“Our experiments describe for the first time the transition between different topological spin textures,” Liu explained. He also said, “Skyrmions and bimerons are two important information carriers for next-generation memory and higher education facilities. Our research is an important source.

Researchers will try to study magnetic and spintronic device applications based on the transformation of different types of topological spins. An example is spintronic devices involving skyrmions and bimerons. “Our main goal is to use topological imaging techniques for low energy consumption, high memory capacity and high neuromorphic connectivity,” said Liu.

More information:
Kentaro Ohara et al, Interchange Between Isolated Skyrmions and Bimerons, Nano letters (2022). DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.2c03106

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