The long-awaited US broadband internet maps are here — for you to challenge

We have shown you – repeatedly, with data and anecdotally – that the Internet is broken in the United States. We spend less and we deal with a lot of bad things. And another important reason is that wolves guard the birdhouse. The FCC is convinced internet service providers Be honest about the facilities they cover, data not reviewed by FCC.

So, if you think Internet access is important, do what everyone else thinks: enter your address in the FCC’s long-awaited new broadband maps and see if Internet service providers lie about providing coverage to your home. If so, click the “Availability Challenge” button and submit your confirmation.

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Today, the FCC finally put the first “pre-production draft” version of its new broadband maps online, and it’s better in one way — they won’t think you’re covered anymore . because there is only one home on your registration form the internet is available. (Yes, that’s how it used to work.) Now, you can see each address and click a button to compare what the ISPs are reporting to the government.

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Unfortunately, you may have to get involved here (and/or politically stink) if you want this map to be accurate. Because, as Nicole Ferraro and Karl Bode recently published new maps always Trust ISPs to be honest. Heck, the CEO of the company that developed them for the FCC, CostQuest, agreed that they depend on “how the broadband providers report.” And I think I can see some flaws in my block.

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Click that button

Click that “Availability Challenge” button if the ISPs are wrong.
Photo by Sean Hollister / The Verge

You won’t see actual internet speeds on the map, just the maximum broadcast speed of each site that an ISP will sell to your address.

Here are the new maps one thing, and it is interesting to filter by a certain type or speed of service and find out the gaps first. At the top of this post, you can see the data shown showing that fiber has a long way to go.

The FCC recognizes that there is much to be done and it needs your help. “While today marks an important milestone in the effort to create more comprehensive and accurate broadband maps, this effort is a long way from coming,” said FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel. “The release of this first version of the new maps is intended to start a continuous process, where we will constantly add new data to improve and refine the maps.”

This week, the FCC released its final order on broadband food labels. They are coming! I’ll have a quick story about that soon.


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