‘The Challenge’ Star Olivia Kaiser on Finale Injuries, Hospitalization

Spoiler alert: This story is from the Wednesday, February 1 episode of MTV’s “The Challenge: Ride or Die.”

In the 38 seasons of “Challenge”, there have been many injuries along the way. That said, nothing compares to what Olivia Kaiser went through during a segment of the “Ride or Die” finale. Kaiser and partner Horacio Gutierrez Jr. were the only rookie duo to make it to the 100-hour final, but they encountered not one but two major obstacles that forced them out before reaching the finish line.

First, during the ball throwing contest, Krabiner caught the rope connecting the ball to Caesar’s finger and untied it.

“My finger got stuck under the clip and as I threw it, it dug into my finger and ripped the top of my finger off. The nerve was coming out and sticking out – a small, white nerve. I thought I broke it because it hit my bone,” he said A variety of varieties Before the episode premiered.

Still, as the therapist unwrapped her finger, she continued to help her partner drink a “slip,” which she described as “hot form of clam chowder and fish guts,” which was “roasted tuna or There was a smell under the trash.

“The Challenge: Ride or Die”
June Rowers

The emperor refused to give in and continued to the next checkpoint. First, they had to lift several tires, which got his finger dirty and reopened the wound.

After that, she and Gutierrez got to the slingshot challenge, during which they each had to hit the target twice. However, he struggled to pull the trigger back far enough due to his injury. At one point, his hand slipped and the ball ricocheted, hitting him directly in the face.

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“Therefore, [the medics] I had to sit again after the tires because it was wet,” he said. “They knew it would be difficult for me to continue, but they cleaned it with this antiseptic, which honestly hurt a lot. I was screaming. I have never felt such pain. It’s worse than my face. So, we were hurrying to sit down and wipe my finger.

Since she didn’t want to leave her partner, Kaiser said she was rushing through the checkpoint — and that’s what led to the crash.

“I remember seeing it out of the corner of my eye. I thought the bullet was deflected.” I just went to hit the golf ball back and obviously, as you can see – they caught it all on camera! – but it literally came back, and it shook me to my core. I got whiplash, it was crazy,” he recalled. “I thought my teeth were knocked out because the impact was so hard. It felt like my nose was literally off my face, broken. I remember My nose was pulled back a little because it felt like it was closed, so I put it back in. I licked my teeth to make sure they were all there and got an instant migraine.

Kaiser said she was very scared because she was in Argentina, where she didn’t speak the language and didn’t know the area. Also, she knows how serious the injury can be.

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“I’m like, if I’m really having brain swelling, I could die.” This is not a joke. People die from trauma to the head all the time. I was really, in some crazy way, lucky that it just hit me right between the eyes. Obviously, I still have good aim if I stupidly get a bull’s-eye,” he laughs. “If it had hit my eye, I would have either lost my eye or died, because the golf ball would have gone behind my eyeball.”

Caesar was able to stay calm at first because she didn’t want to show how much pain she was in, hoping she could somehow still keep going – even though there was blood everywhere. “Then I started crying when they told me, ‘Olivia, you’re done.’ Get in the ambulance,” he recalled.

The former “Love Island” star spent two nights in the hospital, but was eager to go home. First, he made a confession, as shown in the episode, with a broken nose and two black eyes – and that was with makeup. He had to go back to the hospital a few days later because his vision was blurry because of the swelling. While everything is back to normal now, he spends a lot of time worrying that this won’t be the case.

“I have been thinking all my life. I was like, ‘Am I permanently damaged for the rest of my life because of just one TV show?’ I was very sad. “What are the chances that I was injured twice with bad injuries,” he said. I mean, I never saw my flesh outside. It was very disturbing.”

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When Gutierrez wanted to continue alone and volunteered to do double duty, the rules were clear: you live and die with your ride or you die. So he had to go home. While the ending was tough for both of them, Kaiser is hopeful that she will be invited back.

“I was shocked. As much as I wanted a hard ass, it was a shock because we worked so hard. All I had was this repetition of self-loathing that I had ruined everything. I felt really bad for a while and I wasn’t sure how my face was going to heal because the scars on my forehead were really bad. I thought I would never look the same again. I was fighting not to be able to look like myself,” she said. “Every time I looked in the mirror, it was a reminder of what had happened to me. I’m not trying to be dramatic about it because it’s not that serious but in the same sense, it’s because it’s not something that anyone can prepare for.

Kaiser continued, “I’m definitely scared because it shows that as much as they put in safety precautions, you never know.” Strange accidents happen. But fear has never stopped me. If I have the chance, I will definitely return. I want to go back to save myself and everyone who has supported me.

“The Challenge: Ride or Die” airs on MTV Wednesdays at 8 p.m


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