Texas Tough Variety Pack

Texas Tough Variety Pack – 2/3 Sunday Dallas-based viral internet personality Michael Worthington Jr. Facebook photo of a kitchen drawer. Perfectly inside is H-E-B’s Texas Tough Zipper Bag Pack. Facebook screenShow moreShow less

H-E-B is here to prove that everything is better – and bigger – thanks to a post that’s seen with envy around the world.

Texas Tough Variety Pack

On February 1, Jessica Medrano, an HEB buyer in League City, shared a Facebook photo of a kitchen drawer. Nests perfectly in H-E-B’s Texas Tough Variety in storage bags. After more than 90,000 shares, the already viral message got another boost on Sunday, when Dallas-based viral internet personality Michael Worthington Jr. posted a photo of Medrano.

H E B Texas Tough Slider Gallon Freezer Bags Value Pack

Instead of stacking different tote containers in the closet, the H-E-B product is a large box with easy-to-access places for different sizes of tires, from snacks to gallons. The package contains 370 bags in a box.

You know you’re a grown up when you’re excited about it!! 🤣🤣🤣 #adultinglevelup *disclaimer: I am not selling this… Posted by GypsyChicken Designs on Monday Feb 01, 2021

With over 90,000 original posts shared and 53,000 in Worthington’s, people around the world are asking how to get H-E-B in their town.

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“It would make my floor plan in the kitchen look so much better. Lol. The only thing I’ve never seen in Australia,” someone replied to Worthington’s post.

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Others have tried to find scammers on Amazon. Ziploc has a similar label, but the assembly is different. Instead of times, a Ziploc product is just a big box with smaller boxes inside. Those who answered also noticed the price difference.

Dya Campos, H-E-B’s director of public affairs, said the variety pack is a new product. The team had the “revelation” to create a box-friendly box after realizing that many customers don’t keep their bags in the closet. He said the researchers began measuring different box sizes to find the most common dimensions to create a space-saving object. Campos said the box came from a reporter in Seguin. You are here: Home / Shop offers / Supermarkets / H-E-B / H-E-B’s all-in-one storage box is drawer-friendly … and genius!

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If you’re an H-E-B shopper, keep your eyes peeled for this all-in-one drawer-friendly storage bag! What an ingenious solution!

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If you have an H-E-B around you, keep an eye out for this awesome H-E-B Texas Tough Double Zipper Bags Variety Pack (maybe you’ve seen this picture on the internet recently?). My friend Mary from Texas recently found one at her local H-E-B and got her hands on this new product, but it flew off the shelves!

This drawer-friendly, all-in-one assortment box makes keeping your bag organized with quick-dispense slots for a total of 370 double-zip pockets! You get all these sizes

He found this box for $13.97 at a local grocery store (or $14.39 at HEB.com) … or you can even order it from Instacart for a little more. Well, people have even taken to eBay to sell these famous boxes… but so much more!

Ziploc offers a similar product (available at Costco and Amazon) but the configuration is different and is just one BIG box with several smaller boxes and bags. It’s certainly not as convenient as H-E-B’s box-friendly option.

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And while this Red Baggie Holder on Amazon is another option for organizing loose bags in your drawers, it’s still sold out (thanks to TikTok) and won’t ship until next month.

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