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Texas Florida Alliance – AUSTIN – On the south steps of the Texas State Capitol today, Governor Greg Abbott addressed thousands of pro-life activists who were there to rally for the lives of their unborn babies.

“All of us here today are united by the fact that our Creator has given us the right to life. There is no freedom more precious than life,” Abbott said.

Texas Florida Alliance

“Tens of millions of babies die before birth every year,” says Abbott. “This loss of life is one of the greatest tragedies of our time. Either accept it or fight to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Each of you chooses to fight and is proud to protect You join this fight for the dignity of life. No.”

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Abbott said he is proud of the progress Texas has made to save lives, saying, “This time last year, Texas committed to taking important steps to ensure every child’s life is safe from abortion, and thanks to A wave of people. To support fans like you, we have passed extensive rules to do just that.

“We passed a law in Texas that bans mail-order abortion pills and prohibits doctors from giving abortion pills to women at seven weeks,” he continued. Together, we passed the Heartbeat Act to make abortion the moment a baby’s heart starts beating in Texas and abortion in Lone Star the moment Roe v.

Abbott also explained about the abortion alternatives adopted by Texas: “That’s why I’m proud that the state of Texas has invested more than $100 million in alternative abortion programs over the next two years to help women in need.” “

Governor Abbott then thanked the crowd of thousands for their tireless efforts to fight for their lives. You are on the front lines of this battle every day. You give a voice to the voiceless and help give innocent people a chance to live the life they deserve. Think about it. As long as I am governor, this great state of Texas promises to always fight for the unborn and save them from harm. of abortion”

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Florida Second Only To Texas In Banning School Books As Number Of Bans Rises, Report Finds

The Texas for Life Rally also featured pro-life speakers including Dr. Joe Pojman, executive director of the Texas Alliance for Life, Bishop Joe Vasquez and Brooke Rizzuto of Students for Life America. Long and inefficient. They last for years, cost a fortune in both blood and treasure, and end with the destruction of one or more countries. So I think we should leave out the “war” part of conflicts like this and thank red states across the country as if they’ve already won.

For example, Florida passed the infamous “Don’t be gay” bill this week. Governor Ron DeSantis plans to sign the bill in time to take effect this summer. Prohibitions and “allowances” for spontaneous discussions on the subject can be the basis for a compelling argument, one that everyone likes. After the third grade, teachers are basically given the power to ban the teaching of inappropriate subjects in their classrooms, namely the presence of homosexuality. While this law has scope for technical reform, it strongly encourages and will thrive on a permanent culture of intolerance and discrimination.

Florida Republicans sold the bill on a milder, milder brand of fascism. Glenn Youngkin’s Fascism Listening to Sen. Dennis Baxley’s State of the Union address, who looks a lot like Dennis Baxley, firmly in the “he’s too close to it” genre of conservative speech, explains his support for the bill.

If you still doubt that the #DontSayGay bill aims to punish gay children and legalize homophobic violence, listen now to the Senate bill’s founders. This is pure prejudice garbage. pic.twitter.com/deWQnOAL0X — Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) March 8, 2022

Florida Defense Alliance Enhances Florida’s Military

“That’s what kids do,” he said. “Maybe they’re in this club, they’re in that club, or they’re in this club. And they try different identities in life and try to see where they fit.”

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It is true. All children and teenagers have developing minds, so they try on different masks to find out exactly who they are, or rather, who they will become one day. this is great. This is what education should be. Baxley got that part of the equation right…

Legislators in other states, such as Texas, sanctify their hostility to gay, transgender, femme fatale and black people as tough “we love you” policies. We hate you because we happily proposed and/or passed laws. And this is where it gets really bad. “If you don’t like this law, leave Idaho!” Idaho has a plan for that.

The Idaho Legislature passed HB 675. This makes providing gender-affirming care for transgender youth a life sentence. Worse, transgender teenagers leave the state and go elsewhere. Moving and taking care of them is also a crime.

Fla. Republicans Ditch Texas Style Abortion Law For 15 Week Ban

The search network is only broadcast there. Last month, the Washington Post reported that 13 states have “laws or guidelines” in place to encourage residents to target each other for teaching critical racial theories. Race, Ethnicity, or Disparity Many other states have already drafted or passed laws making abortion largely illegal and subject to cruel and unusual punishment. Missouri, like Idaho, hopes you can’t escape such laws.

Many residents of these states are unable to leave due to personal relationships or financial reasons. Here’s the new plan Some of the proposed laws above are toothless and exist as a long-abused form of political posturing, making it literally illegal to leave a state because you hate your freedom. Doing so is a new way for the Republicans to make bigotry the official law of their respective lands…but have enough bodies to continue serving as a country. It’s almost as evil as collecting people and killing them directly.

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It also fails in the long run. Just ask North Carolina. People may not be able to unite these states anytime soon, but there is a lot going on, both in terms of corporate sponsorship and generational affection for a state that is now officially in the cesspool. This reaction will continue for a long time. As Idaho and Missouri try to hold their most vulnerable citizens hostage, the boundaries of those pastures become clearer. The transparency of these efforts should and probably will prove their undoing. Who cares when this hole can be stolen? And this is their duty! – Another place? In the short term, these countries will experience the joy of seeing their people oppressed and terrorized.

In the long run, they basically cut off their oxygen. As a result, Ukraine may not be the only country experiencing an influx of refugees. Some blue states like Vermont even encourage you to pull the trigger. This is not necessarily sudden, but the half-life of this type of radioactivity is very long. The only thing that grows from these accounts is the constant fantasy of leaving them behind.

Florida, Other Red States Are Signing Their Death Warrants

At this point, it is better to think of America not as a country, but as a union of different territories controlled by a less important federal government, despite its size and cost. Instead, if Texas could legally secede from the rest of us, there would be no need for Texas to formally secede. That’s the way Texas Governor Greg Abbott has chosen to do business, and it’s gotten a lot of attention.

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