Sunday In The Country 2022

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Wynonna Judd kisses the inductees during a medallion ceremony at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tenn., Sunday, May 1, 2022. (Photo by Wade Payne/InVision/AP)

Sunday In The Country 2022

Ray Charles and the Judds were inducted into the National Music Hall of Fame on Sunday in a ceremony filled with tears, music and laughter, a day after the sudden death of Naomi Judd.

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Naomi Judd’s death changed the usual celebration, but the music of the genre’s singers and musicians mourned the country’s history, where they celebrated four: the Judds , Ray Charles, Eddie Byers and Pete Drake. Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Vince Gill and many others performed their music.

Naomi and Wynonna Judd scored 14 points as one of the most popular couples of the 1980s. 1. Before her dedication, the family said in a statement to The Associated Press that Naomi Judd had died at age 76 of “mental illness.”

Daughters Wynonna and Ashley Judd received the reception through tears, holding each other and reading a Bible verse together.

“I’m sorry, she couldn’t hold her until today,” Ashley Judd told the crowd about her mother. Wynonna Judd spoke about family gatherings as she said goodbye and she and Ashley Judd read Psalm 23.

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Fans gathered in front of the museum, drawn to a bouquet of white flowers outside the door and a small picture of Naomi Judd below. He put the flower on the ground.

Charles’ release marked his country release against the genre, reflecting the commercial appeal of country music. The Georgia-born singer and pianist grew up listening to the Grand Ole Opry and released Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music in 1962, one of the best-selling country albums of the time.

Blind and orphaned at a young age, Charles was best known for R&B, gospel and soul, but his decision to record country music changed the way the world thought about the genre, broadening the audience. Listen in the Civil Rights Era.

Charles’ “I Can’t Stop Loving You” spent five weeks at the top of the Billboard 100 chart and remains one of his most popular songs. He died in 2004.

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Brooks performed one of Charles’ hits, “Seven Spanish Angels,” with Willie Nelson, and Betty LaVette sang “I Can’t Stop Loving You.”

Country Music Hall of Famer Ronnie Millsap met Charles when he was singing as a child, and others tried to emulate Charles, but no one could take him on.

“There’s one of them and one only,” Millsap said. “Gotta sing a country song.”

Charles was the third black artist to be inducted into country music, joining Opry pioneers Deford Bailey and Charlie Pride.

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Valerie Erwin, president of the Ray Charles Foundation, said, “Mr. Charles always fought for what he loved, and he truly loved country music.”

The Hall of Fame also inducted two musicians who are prominent among many country music and songwriters: Eddie Byers and Pete Drake.

A musician in Nashville for decades, Byers is a member of the 300-platinum hit Grand Ole Opry. He regularly played on recordings for The Judds, Ricky Skaggs, George Strait, Alan Jackson and Kenny Chesney. He was the first drummer to enter the arena.

Drake, who died in 1988, was a steel drummer and one of Nashville’s all-time greats, appearing on songs like Tammy Wynette’s “Stand By Your Man” and George Jones’ “He Stopped Seeing It,” “Look Today.” . He was the first brass singer to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

It’s A Sunday In The Country Winning Weekend!

Drake is best known for inventing the chat box, a technology that allows voices to be played from a pedal steel guitar. It was later adopted by Peter Frampton and many other artists.

“The musicians of the ’60s and ’70s and ’80s established Nashville as a music city, and we can’t let that go,” said Rose Drake. faith

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Festival Clin D’oeil 2022

Ten young filmmakers from all over Europe will meet with many experts during the weekend at the European Film Academy. The private atmosphere promises a platform for inspiration and open meetings. It is an exchange between different generations of directors from different cultures – most important for the future of emerging talents and the future of European cinema.

Founded in 1995, Sunday is organized in support of various partner countries.

In 2012, the publication of Young Film Journalists and Critics was launched and since then, it has been successfully implemented every year with our partners at the New Horizons Film Festival in Wrocław / Poland, and the industry supports different cultures.

Topics range from the personal situation of their colleagues, cultural traditions, different narratives (national leaders – European audiences) and the economic and industrial situation of the homeland of young artists interested in technical questions. . The program includes watching films by participants and EFA members.

Sunday In The Country Returns

Publication of the occasional national network service of the European Film Academy for young critics and journalists in Lower Silesia, Poland. Organized in collaboration with the Wrocław New Horizons International Film Festival, the workshop brought together a group of eight participants.

He spent his days watching and discussing films, cinema and cinephilia in general, and made his living as a film journalist. Between cooking and dining and networking together in one room by Lake Bystrzyckie. The expert for this publication is the Hungarian critic Geza Csakvari.

After the opening round on Friday night, the show kicked off on Saturday with ALITTLE LOVE PACKAGE. Argentinian director Gaston Solnicki joins the team to share his passion for improvisation and unscripted work.

After Sunday breakfast, the group watched Canadian director Denis Cote this summer. The Quebecois actor, who began his career as a film critic, generously shared his experience, surprising Canadians with a phenomenon that crossed international borders.

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