‘Stranger Things’ Creators Say Final Season Has Tone of Season 1 but Scale of Season 4

  • The Duffer Brothers teased what to expect from the final season of “Stranger Things.”
  • They explained that the final chapter of the show will be a combination of season one and season four.
  • The producers also joked that they made Netflix executives cry with their pitch for the season.

“Stranger Things” quickly became a pop culture phenomenon when it returned to Netflix in 2016, and six years later, the Duffer brothers are gearing up for a final fifth season.

Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the Hawkins gang have faced many threats from the nightmarish realm of the Upside Down over the years. But season four introduced the big bad, Vicana (Jamie Campbell-Bower), who has been making things up since before the series began, and the final season finale sees her break down the wall between Hawkins and the Upside Down, meaning even A great war. is on the horizon.

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The show’s creators, the Duffer Brothers, recently teased what to expect from the hit show’s final episodes while speaking at an event in Los Angeles last week (via The Hollywood Reporter ). The pair explained that it will have the tone of season one, matching the scale and scope of season four.

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Ross Duffer said: “I think what we’re trying to do is go back to the beginning [season] One, but in terms of scale it is more with what [season] is four Hopefully, it has all been achieved.”

The showrunner also explained that “Stranger Things” season five will have a bit of every previous season along the way, clearly a way to pay homage to the series as a whole.

He called it “the culmination of all the seasons, so it’s got a little bit from each one, whereas each season before was completely different – three, this is our big summer blockbuster season with our big monster; four It was psychologically terrifying.”

Ross Duffer noted that they have “something more to look forward to”, before noting that they have plenty of character arcs to play out by the end.

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He said: “A lot of these characters are growing from the first season so it’s a balancing act between giving them time to complete their character arcs and ending them and giving us the final reveal.” in the.

In addition, Matt Duffer joked that they managed to make Netflix executives emotional during the pitch meeting for the final season.

He said: “We brought our executives to tears, which I felt was a good sign that these executives were crying. The only other time I’ve seen them cry is at, like, budget meetings.


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