Shaquille O’Neal, Who Falsely Claimed to Have Slept With Venus Williams, Got a ‘Whooping’ by 5ft 9” Serena Williams on Court

Shaquille O’Neal has lived most of his life fearing no one but his father. When you’re 7ft 1″ and weigh about 33o pounds, fear isn’t a normal emotion. But lack of fear makes a person do many stupid things. Shaq has given his share of such foolishness. One such act of Shaq’s included the claim that he slept with tennis legend Venus Williams. However, this lie did not stop him from trying to play tennis with Venus’ sister, Serena Williams.

Shaquille O’Neal is a big name. And successful stars like him often do legendary things. So he thought he wouldn’t get any backlash when he said he slept with Venus William.

But Venus is her own story. She publicly called O’Neill out when he told this devastating lie. And then he continued to play tennis with her sister Serena.

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Serena Williams and Shaquille O’Neal took turns on the tennis court

Venus’ sister Serena, after the Shaq fake controversy, chose to play with the famous center. In an adorable video, the two take on a tennis court. And O’Neill was educated at Williams. The famous tennis star tried to get Shaq to play it right, but the big man was definitely not meant for the sport.

A humongous O’Neal couldn’t move, though he remained smart and entertaining. Serena, who is more than a foot shorter than O’Neal at 5ft 9′, played and tried to teach Shaq a few things. And in the end, he got quite a few head-scratchers.

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Only if he handles the situation better with Venus. There is every reason to believe that it offended the elder Williams.

Venus Williams wasn’t surprised by Shaq’s lie.

Venus released a statement after Shaquille O’Neal’s claims. In it, she shares her frustration with Diesel’s rude and unproven comments. Williams said she only met O’Neal once in her life.

Venus: “I categorically and unequivocally deny that I have ever had sex with Shaquille O’Neal.” I don’t even know him. I met Shaquille a few years ago when I attended an LA Lakers game. If Shaquille meant the statement as a joke, it was in really bad taste, and I’m definitely offended. I think better judgment should be used in the future, especially when it comes to someone’s name.

Shaq later apologized and explained that he was joking and meant no harm to the tennis star. Perhaps O’Neal’s apology patched things up with the Williams family because the Lakers legend ended up playing tennis with her sister.

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Do you think Serena’s older sister Venus Williams has forgiven Shaq?

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