Sequel to Hit Fantasy Epic in Works Says S. S. Rajamouli

Bhima's face with a lion.

This happens in the first 20 minutes RRR And it will only get better from there.
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Trying to Describe surprise and happiness RRR It could never do justice. A fictional story of two real Indian revolutionaries Combines reality with imagination In ways most filmmakers wouldn’t even dare to dream. It is incredible. It’s epic. And now, it can be Coming back for another round

Released earlier this year, the Telugu-language fantasy epic starring NT Rama Rao Jr. and Ramcharan Kumarambhim and Alvari Sitarama Raju, respectively, tMen who inspired their people during the British occupation of India in the early 20th century. And while each There is a well-documented history, some parts of their life stories are missing. So, popular director SS Rajamouli concocted a fictional story of what would have happened if these two men not only met but became friends. The result is one of the most exciting, magical, and completely over-the-top action epics you’ve ever seen. Motorcycles were thrown. Gunfights take place on the slopes. Tigers move in slow motion. that’s great.

The film was a huge success in its home country and soon after, became one of the rare Telugu films that actually crossed over to a Western audience. until todayFans in the US are enjoying sold-out shows in local theaters, even as the film is available on Netflix (not in its native language, but Still a viable option). And now, says Rajamouli A variety of varieties His co-writer on the film, V. Vijayendra Prasad (who is also his father) Currently breaking a story for a sequel.

What does that mean? RRR fans? Well, that’s just the first step being taken. Of course, there’s a chance the father-son team may not come up with a story they feel is worth telling. Or, if they do, it will still take some time to write it and put everything together. Chances are Rajamouli will have time to make at least one more film. Plus, where does the story go from here? Without giving too much away, a great thing that makes RRR So there is a complicated relationship between Bhima and Raju. Once they become friends, do they just team up and kill their enemies? It doesn’t sound all that exciting, though it will certainly be a showcase for the incredible action set pieces that Rajamouli is so adept at.

Stay tuned for more news RRR 2. But in the meantime, Find a local theater to play the movie (The best way to experience it) or Check it out on Netflix, And prepare to be amazed.

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