Residents want City of Mobile to trap and eliminate growing coyote population

MOBILE, Ave. (WALA) – The Coyote gang has been a problem for several years in Mobile. Jacob Blasius lives on Evelyn Drive near exit 1 of the University of Mobile and says the problem has only gotten worse.

“The coyotes are using my fence – going into my yard – even though it’s well lit with the curtains open – they can see me physically but they don’t fear or feel like walking through my wall,” said Blasius.

It wasn’t long before — Blasius joined “Coyote Watch” — the Nextdoor app group that has nearly 550 active members. The community organization informs members through videos, photos, and maps that feature more than 115 attractions – mostly in Spring Valley and Springhill. And the experiences didn’t end overnight.

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They say most of the coyote packs are believed to live in wooded areas of the city. As it is now – the city must act when citizens send in video reports of aggressive coyotes.

“We know that the numbers will continue to increase as they continue to breed. The law is not enough at the moment – because we need preventive measures. We want to prevent attacks It’s coming,” Blasius said before the Mobile City Council.

Going before the Mobile City Council on Tuesday – Blasius explained the group’s intentions. The proposal calls for the city of Mobile to update its policy — requiring them to trap all coyotes — not just the ones that are dangerous.

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“They have to be contained and eliminated one pack at a time – you can’t do that with a dominant coyote who is an alpha male or an alpha female. Alpha males and alpha females weaken the other members of the pack. from birth, that means if you kill the alpha male and the alpha female – you have to kill the rest of the pack to prevent the rest of the pack from forming a population. ,” said Blasius.

The group believes the longer the city waits to act – the more expensive it will be.

“Honestly, there’s not a lot of real fear that we’re going to have attacks — because the number of coyotes in the city of Mobile are breeding and multiplying and spreading to other areas that could be attacks. animals and people. at a critical level,” said Blasius.

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The group says they hope the city of Mobile will work with them — but they say if they don’t move — they’re not only asking for it but they’re ready to take action on this issue.

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