Read the Worst Things Would-Be Trump Org Jurors Said About Trump

  • About 60 Manhattanites have been questioned in the Trump Organization’s alleged fraud.
  • Only one expressed positive feelings about the former president; he did not form a jury.
  • Some of the rejected judges said Trump is a “fraudster” and “has a clear identity crisis.”

They called him a “racist,” a “liar,” and a “fraud artist.”

And there were residents of Manhattan who did make art, including a nurse at a cancer hospital who said, “I struggle with what I believe to be Mr. Trump’s thoughts and actions driven by an obvious problem.”

Here are the negative things that were said about Donald Trump during this week’s jury selection, in the 15th Circuit Court where the Trump Organization – the former president’s golf course and residences – is being indicted on fraud charges.

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Three people who expressed distaste for Trump’s selection of judges, but who promised justice – a quarter of the cases – sat down.

But not these Manhattanites. Their view of all things Trump was so bad that even critics had to agree to be pardoned.

“Every day, he continues the ‘big lie,'” said an Upper East Side woman who is a city school superintendent and joked that she lives “with a lot of cats.”

“That’s the problem,” he added.

“So I have an idea. My idea is based on that. What else would you like to know?”

“Yes,” said a workers’ compensation attorney who has been one of Trump’s staunchest opponents.

“I hate him so much. He is a liar and a fraud. He is a danger to our people,” he said. “I think his university is a fraud. His goal is fraud. He has problems with the truth.”

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The freelancer from Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood promised, “I can do justice.”

He then added, “He is a young man, but he has not been tried here.”

When the defense attorney asked the judge to explain the meaning of the word “little person,” the freelancer said: “He’s small in his mind.

A woman, who is an advertising executive, was disgusted when she told a prospective judge that there was “not a chance in Hell” that she could be impartial.

But the taker of the cake was a prospective judge who said Tuesday that he had not slept the night before, sitting in court on the first day of jury duty.

They’ve had protests every night since Trump was president, he explained, his voice apologetic. And it was making him really sick to his stomach.

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“Your honor, I have strong feelings about Donald Trump that have turned into a feeling in my gut that I haven’t had in the two years since he became president,” the middle-aged man told the judge.

“I don’t think it’s a very healthy thing for me to be here.”

State Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan asked the defense and prosecution if they had any objections to the man’s extradition. They didn’t.

“Thank you, sir,” the judge told him. “You are forgiven.”

Outside the courtroom, several reporters asked the seemingly relaxed man if he wanted to say anything else.

“No, I’m sorry,” he said as he rushed out.

Opening statements are set for Monday.


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