‘Not Being Raised for Beef’

The 2,500-pound giant has taken the internet by storm after its owner shared photos of his giant cat online.

Cattle rancher Chrissy Chin lives in British Columbia, Canada, and has a very special relationship with Ricky the steer.

“Ricky is a beast,” Chin said Newspaper. “He’s not bred for beef – he’s pure beef.”

Female and 2500lbs cattle breeder
Chrissy Chin from British Columbia, Canada stands over her 2500lbs steer pig named Ricky.
Chrissy Chin

At the family ranch, Chin and his parents keep four cows as pets and a herd of black and red Angus cattle. Despite the experience of raising cattle, no one expected Ricky to grow to such a size.

“When I took care of him about eight years ago, I never imagined that he would grow to this amazing size,” Chin said. “He surprises the cattle farmers when they come.”

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The steer, also known as the bull, is a young male bull that has been driven. First raised for cattle, after two or three years, they grow into cows.

Castrated males are more flexible, and their size and weight depends on the breed, but between 1,000 and 3,000 pounds—putting Ricky on top.

Females and 2500lbs cattle
Chrissy Chin and a young Ricky, left, and a photo of Chin and the current 2500lbs driver, right.
Chrissy Chin

“You should sit on it and run to the plains,” joked one commenter on Reddit, while another said: “That’s a cool picture.”

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A big part of the family, Chin said Ricky had a unique personality. “Ricky is very cool,” she said. “He loves a good cuddle. I can spend hours just cuddling him or laying on his back at school.”

“He likes to bark at the neighbors when they walk by, or someone pulls on our door,” she said. “It doesn’t matter which cows we put in school with Ricky, after a week with him, they’re very friendly.”

“It weighs more than my car,” said one amazing fan on Reddit.

One delighted viewer wrote: “She looks like she’s got a little smile or a smile on her face.

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Although Ricky has not been weighed in several years, there is a reasonable belief that he weighs at least 2,500 pounds since the ranch’s hydraulic lift cannot measure up to 2,500 pounds to lift him again.

A commenter told a similar story and said: “I have a calf now that weighs 1,200 pounds. He loves my family, and he loves to play with my kids. husband and I. She didn’t know how much she was older than us. She had to go through an operation because she was too big and dangerous to be kept as a pet. .”

Happy with Ricky’s popularity on the Internet, Chin said that he likes to show his animals: “I love to share my farm life with Reddit,” he said. “I want to see some people realize that they are lovable creatures who can be loved like animals.


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