New Brittney Griner comic book dives into Russian jail time

Basketball star Brittany Griner’s life is immortalized in the glossy pages of TidalWave Comics’ new 22-page comic book. Titled “Woman Power: Brittany Griner,” the comedy written by Michael Frizzell and illustrated by Martin Jimenez chronicles Griner’s journey from exploring her sexuality and identity, playing college basketball at Baylor University, and rising to stardom in the WNBA. Arrested in Russia and soon returned to America

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Frizzell said production of the comic began last year before Griner’s legal troubles in Russia. “My first approach was to explore her story to show her growth as an athlete and person,” he said in a news release. “Although I didn’t know much about the WNBA before starting the research, I found Brittney’s story interesting. I hope readers walk away with an understanding of the person behind the headlines.”

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"Woman Power: Brittany Greener" To the WNBA star's Russian arrest and recent release.

“Woman Power: Brittany Griner” describes the WNBA star’s arrest and recent release in Russia.

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Darren Davis, publisher of Tidal Wave Productions, said in a statement that the story is “about an athlete who faced obstacles to becoming a significant player in the WNBA — not about politics. We started working on this story four years ago as we’ve featured a number of male athletes in the past to change the line.”

The comic also depicts Griner’s struggle to be different from her peers, showing the 6-foot-9 athlete towering over other students at Houston’s Nimitz High School. Bullies call her a “huge, volatile freak” and a “dude.” Even Greener, who encouraged her to be true to herself, is seen coming out to her mother. “Her growth as an athlete and her struggle to come to terms with being a gay black woman are the focus of this issue, first at religious colleges and then in the national spotlight,” Davis said.

"Woman Power: Brittany Greener" The WNBA star reveals her exploration of who she is and her sexuality.

“Woman Power: Brittany Griner” features the WNBA star exploring her identity and sexuality.

TidalWave funny

Once Phoenix joined the Mercury, Griner fully embraced herself. “You know, it feels so good to say it: I’m a strong black lesbian,” Griner told ESPN in 2013 in a caption on one of the comic’s final pages, showing her posing with a giant yellow snake. that’s me. Every time I say it, I feel so much better.”

“Woman Power: Brittany Griner” is the latest installment in the “Woman Power” series, which celebrates women through inspirational stories. Previous titles have profiled Dolly Parton, Oprah Winfrey and Gloria Steinem. The comic, which was released on January 18th, is now available in print and digital formats.


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