Nevada continues to count votes as control of the Senate hangs in balance


In a race that will determine which party controls the Senate, Republican challenger Adam Laxalt, who is leading Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D) is down to less than 900 votes, with thousands of votes still being counted in heavily populated Clark County, Nevada. region and a very democratic region, officials said.

Mail-in ballots are collected Saturday and voters have until 5 a.m. Monday to correct ballots with problems such as a missing signature, Clark County registrar Joe Gloria said.

A win in Nevada would give Democrats the 50th Senate seat and allow them to dominate the chamber, since Vice President Harris has the power to cast a tie vote.

If Republicans win the Nevada seat, control of the Senate will come down to the results of the Georgia runoff election on Dec. 6. Democratic control of the Senate would prevent the GOP from conquering Capitol Hill, giving Democrats power in that chamber. oversees the confirmation of branch employees and federal judges.

According to the Associated Press, only a handful of voters remain to be counted in rural Nevada, with many uncounted votes in Clark County, home to Las Vegas, and Washoe County, which includes Reno.

The Associated Press estimates there are 38,000 ballots left to be counted in Clark County. About 5,000 are provisional votes, which will be counted. But tens of thousands of voters need to be “cured” — that is, they want voters to take action to correct any wrongdoing. Gloria said that as of Saturday, there are 14,651 votes that have not been processed in the district, and 7,139 of them have not been completed.

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Campaign representatives for Cortez Masto and Laxalt did not return messages seeking comment Saturday.

Doubts about the vote count attempt have recently emerged from prominent Republicans, some of whom still question the legitimacy of the 2020 election. Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R) of South Carolina, for example, said without evidence at a National Republican Senatorial Committee call this week that Laxalt’s loss could only be due to theft. “There is no math that Laxalt loses,” Graham said, Politico reported. If they do, then it is a lie.

At a press conference on Saturday, Gloria was asked if any of the campaigns had expressed concern about the census. He said: “I have nothing to say there.” Later, Gloria added that she had not heard “anything from any campaign” about allegations of fraud.

Laxalt, who helped lead Trump’s campaign to win the 2020 election, indicated on Saturday that he could lose his race to Cortez Masto for good reasons. In two statements posted on Twitter on Saturday, Laxalt wrote that he leads “only 862 votes” and if the remaining votes in Clark County “keep moving A rich DEM will find us. “

It is not unusual for a candidate who was previously behind to become the first leader, as has been the case in many previous elections.

Laxalt had an early lead in the race before thousands of votes were counted. John RalstonThe executive director of the Nevada Independent, a local news organization, followed the race as updated numbers were announced by local election officials.

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Hours after voting on Tuesday, Cortez Masto trailed Laxalt by more than 28,000, Ralston. he wrote on Twitter. That leads quickly decrease about 23,000 votes. By Wednesday evening, Laxalt’s lead was to wither again and he was reduced to 9,000 by late Thursday.

As of Friday, Ralston tweeted the race “they are really tied” while Cortez Masto is behind with less than 900 votes.

The count in Nevada comes as Republican leaders face a backlash from their own members after they failed to pick up as many seats on Tuesday in the middle of the month as they had predicted before President Biden accepted the resignation.

Republicans entered the midterms needing to gain one seat to take control of the Senate. So far, they’ve failed after Democrats took the seat in Pennsylvania and held on to several other states that were seen as vulnerable, moving more like abortion rights defenders at the end of the year. Roe v. Wade and cast GOP players as extremists. One such state was Arizona, where Sen. Mark Kelly (D) on Friday night was declared the winner of the race against Republican Blake Masters.

Masters, who also questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, indicated that he too would accept his defeat. In a message posted on Twitter, he said he wanted to “make sure that every legal vote counts” and that “If, in the end, Sen. Kelly has a lot more than me, so I’ll give him credit for a solid win.”

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In Arizona’s Maricopa County, Bill Gates, the Republican chairman of the board that oversees Election Day operations and vote counting, rejected the Republican Party’s request to hold a round-the-clock vote.

Republicans wanted a third amendment to election workers to help process and count thousands of ballots. Election officials are working 14- to 18-hour shifts each day, through the Veterans Day holiday and on weekends, to hold polls in a county known for long vote counting, largely due to the popularity of early voting.

The timing has heightened concerns among Republicans about the outcome of tight races, including Arizona’s gubernatorial race between Republican Kari Lake and Democrat Katie Hobbs.

“A third shift for these employees is not possible,” Gates wrote in a Friday email to a lawyer representing the Republican National Committee. The Washington Post obtained the letters Saturday through a public request.

In Nevada, Laxalt sought to tie Cortez Masto to Biden as he blamed inflation and crime on Democratic policies. He also mentioned the $1.9 trillion stimulus Cortez Masto helped pass the coronavirus pandemic.

Cortez Masto, who is the first Latina to be elected to the Senate, has made abortion access a priority in his campaign.

Laxalt said he would not support the ban on abortion, but Cortez Masto attacked him for supporting a referendum to ban abortion after 13 weeks of pregnancy, and for his previous false claim that Trump won the 2020 election.

Control of the House was still up in the air on Saturday, as the countdown continued in several close contests.


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