‘Mood’ Review – This New BBC America Limited Series Blends ‘Fleabag’ and OnlyFans

Once again, the BBC has turned a one-woman show into an entire mini-episode. The last change was a success Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s play-turned-series about a fourth-wall woman breaking through life’s crisis. Why not try this again? Log in Behaviorbased on Nicole Lecky’s one-woman show Very nice.

In many cases, the stage and screen versions work as well. Behavior boldly introduces us to the unloved woman, Sasha (Lecky), and, in a way, convinces us to sympathize with her. Sasha has a lot on her plate – she hates her mother (Jessica Hynes) and stepfather (Paul Kaye), as well as their annoying daughter (Mia Jenkins). She kicks Sasha out of the house after being accused of arson, a fire she may or may not have started at her boyfriend Anton’s (Jordan Duvigneau) house. On the road and broken, Sasha loses herself in a small world far away from the stars she dreams of.

He wants to be a singer, rapper, songwriter extraordinaire. But now, he is tired, needy, and has no money. Soon, however, Sasha finds a way to make a boatload of money and become a little famous while doing it, too: OnlyFans. (The show uses knock-offs, but the platform is the same; people (usually women) upload intimate photos and videos to paid subscribers.) Carly (Lara Peake), a woman Sasha meets while dealing with drug dealers, convinces her to join the platform. when the two enter together. Before long, they’re using their group to sell their videos, meet sugar daddies, and get into the hottest things on the internet.

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All the while, Sasha can’t deal with the fact that Anton changed her life. Not only is he ignoring her calls, but she has also issued a restraining order against him, for alleged arson. Similar to I can destroy you, Behavior he presents trauma as a transparent, non-linear state. Sasha remembers her life with Anton in pieces, a secret that needs to be recovered – and it hurts her deeply.

It was as interesting as this thought I can destroy youit doesn’t work well in Behavior, and his light tales. After two episodes, Anton’s story starts to shake – he won’t answer his notes, maybe he cheated; everything is vague but vague enough to be interesting. However, Lecky’s commitment to portraying Sasha’s emotional struggles is unwavering. He produces a masterpiece full of small events – clicking on a phone screen full of messages sent but not received, beating himself up with an unfulfilling task – but the background drags him down.

Most of the show, however, forces Sasha to deal with Carly, her rival and, in a way, her best friend. Where Sasha is protective and likes to build her career, Carly is free-spirited and likes to make money. Peake and Lecky are a great match as the two women lead the series—it’s fun to see Carly encourage Sasha in simple tasks, like choosing her OnlyFans username (Caramel Lexi is the winner), but it’s also inspiring to watch the team together. dealing with life’s biggest challenges (read: men).

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Sasha and Carly start an online sex service, which eventually turns into an online sex service, they pick it up Behavior. Trying to navigate the dangerous situation of adulthood is always wanting to be facts, Sasha seeks solace in the rapid popularity of OnlyFans, finding solace in her quick friendship with Carly. But there’s a catch: He’s not ready for the intimate connection his fans feel he has, and he mistakes his videos for popularity. An inside look at the internet porn industry – with Sasha still figuring things out alongside Carly, who feels empowered by the chaos – is as entertaining as it is educational.

Behavior It is combined with music, which helps them skillfully to connect with the thoughts of Sasha, who dreams of dreams. Lecky is a talented artist and designer; as if that wasn’t enough, he also has a deep, heavenly singing voice. The change to the soundtrack sounds like FleabagBreaking the fourth wall: We see Sasha’s inner thoughts, and a strange thing that, magically, gives the show a new depth. (If you’re like me and want to hear all about Sasha, it is Behavior the song is already on Spotify.)

One side of course Behavior isolation from Fleabag and its length, when Fleabaghis lectures last only half an hour, Behavior is a full season of six episodes with 45-minute episodes. Here, Behavior he feels a long touch and, inside, does a lot of drama to his advantage. Although the series looks like a drama, many of the episodes are dramatic. It’s boring to watch sometimes, unlike the effortless creativity I can destroy you or the wind Fleabag.

However, with all these shows out of our zeitgeist, we need a new protagonist to guide us through the challenges of feminism. Sasha has to be her, and Nicole Lecky emerges as a very talented writer, singer and actress. Behavior they can’t live until Fleabag comparison, but with the music section and the addition of OnlyFans, the series refreshes the material to appeal.

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Behavior will premiere on BBC America and AMC+ Nov. 6.


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