Meet the inspirational young entrepreneur creating a buzz in the gaming industry

Using his business acumen, innovative strategies, leadership skills and most importantly his passion for games, Master Arien Coute is revolutionizing the world of gaming as the youngest entrepreneur.

Master Aren Suresh Kute, Founder & CMD OAO INDIA

By India Today Web Desk: The most common characteristic in a child is curiosity. Their insatiable curiosity may annoy you at times, but it does wonders for children. This is because a child with a curious mind is constantly learning, being creative, thinking outside the box and discovering something new, even in simple things. For these children, the spirit of entrepreneurship appears from an early age. This is how children of entrepreneurs or young entrepreneurs are born.

Needless to say, these kids turn a simple idea into reality and build their own companies that will be recognized by the world in the future. And now more than ever, they are changing the landscape of the business world with their innovative ideas. And today, we introduce you to a talented entrepreneur who is disrupting the global gaming industry. That person is none other than Master Arien Suresh Kute, Founder and CMD OAO INDIA.

The Life of a Schoolboy: Master Aren Coote

The best way to describe a day in the life of Master Aren Coote is that it is an ever-evolving thing. He is a young businessman, he has to manage both work and education. So a daily reminder of your goals, whether short-term or long-term, helps keep things in perspective. In addition, he likes to play different games and spend quality time with friends and family.

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The greatest source of motivation

Positive encouragement works better than criticism. Successful parents speak positive words to their children and take positive steps to raise them to be good people. Parents of Master Aren Kute – Mr. Suresh D. Kute (CMD-The Kute Group) and Mrs. Archana Suresh Kute (MD-The Kute Group) – always supported him. They believed in him and encouraged him to pursue his dreams. And that’s how OAO HINDUSTON saw the light of day.

Good work-study balance

A good balance between work, life and school benefits the individual, professionally and academically. Master Arien Suresh Kute understands this and thus he has made a schedule and dedicated blocks of time to his company OAO INDIA, school assignments and family responsibilities. He has also set up a reward system for himself, as this helps him stay motivated when he returns to work.

Passionate about games

Master Arien Coute loves games of different genres. Gaming is a part of his daily life as it helps in research and gives him an idea of ​​what is trending in the gaming industry. He also shares his insights and ideas with the OAO INDIA team for them to work on.

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His entrepreneurial journey

Using his business acumen, innovative strategies, leadership skills and most importantly his passion for games, Master Arien Coute is revolutionizing the world of gaming as the youngest entrepreneur. He started his entrepreneurial journey because of his curiosity.

It all started when he was playing on his smartphone to relieve his boredom. While playing, the young man wondered how these games work. What is game development? His interest in games and interest in the technology behind games led him to the bright idea of ​​establishing a company in the field of game development. And that’s how OAO HINDUSTON was born.

A study approach to the gaming industry

Master Arien Coute is constantly researching new games at the world level and trying to create a model that allows them to shape ideas. Discussing and sharing ideas with the team will help a lot in this work. Therefore, it encourages them to understand concepts better, helps them learn new technologies, develop new strategies and most importantly, keeps everyone on the same page.

Manage the OAO INDIA team

A leader’s ability to effectively manage his team usually determines the team’s performance, overall success and productivity. Master Arien Coute understands that leadership performs many functions for the success of any organization, but the key importance of leadership is that it provides the vision of the company. And so, he provides clear purpose, goals, and expectations for the team, holds regular planning and review meetings, and always motivates and inspires team members to do their best.

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Set goals for the future

Master Arien Coute believes that games should be easy and fun for everyone, not just for a specific group. Since there are many games that have age restrictions, he wants to create fun and interesting games that everyone can play.

His short-term goal is to establish a strong user base and maintain a steady stream of income. His long-term goal is to build an outstanding reputation in the global market, launch new genres of games, expand the customer base, migrate to new technological platforms and adapt new tools to develop fun and interesting games.

A message for children by Master Aren Kute

Master Aren Kute gives a special message to the children, “1. Believe that you can succeed and you will find ways out of various obstacles. 2. Always keep your vision clear. 3. And no one succeeds in business alone. Build your own great team to strengthen your success. 4. Get support from your parents, because without them it is impossible to achieve much.


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