Medigram Leads Mobile Medicine Technology Ecosystem Partnering With Routledge, Taylor & Francis on a New Book Series and Announces New Book, Advanced Health Technology, Our Second Consecutive Book to Debut as the #1 New Release for Medical Technology

LOS GATOS, California, November 23, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Our latest publication edited by Medigram CEO, Sherri Douville, Advanced Healthcare Technology provide guidance to health systems and pharmaceutical organizations to address emerging health care issues. With this information, readers can define their own legacy through the transformation of health care with technology. This proven multidisciplinary group of 23 leaders continues to push the health care and technology frontiers with new journal publications.

In conjunction with this new book release, we announce the launch of two book series and series editor, Sherri Douville, CEO at Medigram, editor of Mobile Medicine a Advanced Healthcare Technology.

Two Book Series:

The purpose of the two groups under the editor of the series, Medigram CEO Sherri Douville is to accelerate the development and implementation of reliable solutions to accelerate responsible innovation for technology and Information about the effectiveness of the drug and beyond.

Medical environments are faced with inefficiencies and challenges. However, the road to success is not clear and easy. Published by leading international textbook publisher Taylor & Francis, our new book on problem management with advanced technology provides expert guidance for overcoming two-thirds of problems that arise in health care and medicine through the use of health technology skills. A diverse group of respected authors and experts in advanced technology development, deployment, hospital management, and implementation demystify and simplify the complexity of managing problems. emerging through the integration of engineering, informatics, cybersecurity, privacy, medicine, leadership, and law.

This new founding group led by Medigram will feature selected authors as future book editors: David Finn, Rosie Goddard, William C. Harding, PhD, Dennis Leber, PhD, Anthony Lee, Anita Lynch, Peter McLaughlin, Tanya Monsef, Mike Ng, Brittany Partridge, Allison J. Taylor, and Eric Svetcov.

“Today’s health care managers face opportunities and challenges between the domains of quality, which is data. How we are counted and paid as a health system, and public reporting on our patient information, IT, performance improvement, cybersecurity, risk, regulatory, DEI, clinician and workforce wellness and retention. Advanced Healthcare Technology written by a cross-disciplinary team of leaders across these disciplines, it is a first-of-its-kind book that describes technology, law, leadership, management, and leadership steps in ways to manage the medicine, science, IT, data, engineering, and organizations of a future health system.”

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Brian McBeth, MD, CPECEO (Interim), County of Santa Clara Health System

The first book of our group, Mobile Medicine: Conquering People, Culture, and Government and this new book Advanced Healthcare Technology: Fixes the problem while fixing the screens at a faster speed The best result is based on business standards and certification. This highlights the need and fulfills the desire for reliable and trustworthy information in the healthcare industry. By maintaining published authors with the skills, abilities, and management to transform the industry. We are expanding our reach by promoting many leaders to step forward as editors in this new series. Health care technology includes many disciplines, although all must meet the standards required by health care stakeholders for a reliable “medical grade” knowledge. Healthcare CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, medical directors, boards of directors, educators, policy makers, and other leaders in medicine and medical technology at the local, regional and national levels and the world that relies on our books to enable their strategic guidance of balancing innovation and existing challenges. with technology.

We are delighted to be combining our expertise with Taylor & Francis, a renowned pharmaceutical publisher and undisputed leader in Healthcare IT. Together we will increase the impact of our field through these publications, building ecosystems of Trustworthy Technology & Innovation inside and outside of healthcare.

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“We have built a unique and rich culture behind these series of books led by Medigram. We are doubling down on our keys to success for our future books and stories with these reasons.

* Passionate and committed multidisciplinary team
* Multipliers function is used by the concept of ‘multipliers’
* Put the team before the individual
* Best delivery, standard shipping product”

Mike Ng, Head of Operations, Medigram Inc.

Foreword by Ed Marx, Serial Top CIO, & CEO at Divergent and written by 23 leaders, contributors across medicine, cybersecurity, privacy law, informatics, leadership and more:

William C. Harding, PhD
Technical credit, Medtronic PLC who served as the de facto CTO of the AHT book

Brian McBeth, MD, CPE
General Manager
County of Santa Clara Health System

Shantanu Chakraborty, Ph.D.
Clifford W. Murphy Professor and Vice Dean for Research
McKelvey School of Engineering Washington University in St. Louis

Arthur Douville, MD
Chief Medical Officer & Practicing Neurologist
Medigram, Inc.
Doctor of Medicine in Neurology, Stanford University School of Medicine

Craig Hyps
Honorary engineer
Order, Inc.

Mike Ng
Head of Operations
Medigram, Inc.

Peter McLaughlin, JD, CIPP/US, CIPT
Partner – Data Update, Safety & Security
Armstrong Teasdale LLP

Karen Jaw-Madson, Principal
Co.-Design of Work Experience
Organizational learning

Brittany Partridge, MBA
UC San Diego Health Virtual Care Technology Guide

Lucia C. Savage, JD
Personal & Administrative Manager
Omada Health, Inc.
Former Chief Counsel, HHS Office of the National Coordinator for HealthIT

Victor Sinzig
Director, Program Management and Customer Success, OSARO

Eric Svetcov
Medigram, Inc.

Buy our books at Routledge, Taylor & Francis and best books for sale with Amazon.

About the Editor, Sherri Douville: Sherri Douville is CEO and board member at Medigram, the Mobile Medicine company. He was recognized in the United States’ top executive lists in eight categories of technology and healthcare by CEO, Boardroom Media as Crunchbase’s top executive in the world. He is a best seller, editor, lead author, and contributor to a forthcoming 3-volume book, Advanced Health Technology (Taylor & Francis 2023). Sherri is the co-chair of the IEEE/UL JV for the SG project on technology reliability for Clinical IoT in medicine, P2933. He is passionate about redefining technology, software and data for medicine and advanced health technologies in a way that is right for the trust of doctors, our families, and friends. Ms. Douville in his books to understand his work in the CHIME CDH certification business security. She taught and co-founded the Cybersecurity program for the Black Board Training and Women’s Corporate Board Readiness programs at Santa Clara University. He serves as series editor for Trustworthy Technology & Innovation and Trustworthy Technology & Innovation in Healthcare (Taylor & Francis).

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For Taylor & Francis Group: Taylor & Francis Group collaborates with researchers, scientific societies, universities and libraries worldwide to promote knowledge. As the world’s leading publisher of scholarly journals, books, eBooks and reference works, our expertise covers all areas of Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Science, and with Technology and Medicine. From our network of offices in Oxford, New York, Philadelphia, Boca Raton, Boston, Melbourne, Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, Stockholm, New Delhi and Johannesburg, Taylor & Francis staff provide information and support local to our editors, team and writers. personalized, quality customer service to our library partners.

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*These values ​​reflect the views of the contributors as professionals working on this new book and/or series of books and may not necessarily reflect the views of their respective organizations.

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