Mapping Jobs With Upskilling — How Two Entrepreneurs Are Using Ai To Help Rural Youth

Mythiksha, a startup founded by an IIT alumnus and an IIM alumnus that believes in the ‘learn now, pay later’ model – has partnered with companies like Accenture, Softteck and Insightly. Here is their story.

Professional development is the need of the hour. It’s important to keep up with the new technologies and new trends that are emerging like crazy – through professional development. But this is still a niche market in India and platforms that offer professional development are few and far between. Mythiksha is a professional development company that seeks to fill this gap.

Developed by IIT Delhi alumnus Utkarsh Apurva and IIM Lucknow Ashwini alumnus Ajit Prabhu, Mitiksha School aims to provide a unique experiential learning format to the youth of semi-urban and rural India. The company also puts rural women on its agenda.

Mythiksha was launched a little over six months ago, but has managed to capture the attention of over 20,000 students so far. It aims to register 30,000 people by the end of December 2022.

‘Read Now Pay Later’

“Most of the students enrolled with us are from families with an annual income of less than 2 million rupees, so our startup is focused on upskilling the youth from these families and we are now paying in the form of tuition. Course Structure “We have milestones that help them upskill and then get jobs through our placement network. They can pay us with their hard earned money,” said Apurva.

He added that the platform has seen exponential growth from about 200 registrations in May to more than 3,500 registrations in October. Mythiksha enrolls students through online methods and offline initiatives ranging from college connections to parent counseling to help them understand the ‘pay now’ system.

“In the beginning, there was a lot of resistance from the parents. So we have counselors who talk to parents and try to help them understand what we teach; and since our registration fee is only Rs 500, it is easier for people from lower economic backgrounds to join,” he said.

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AI is a very important segment of the platform. Mythiksha filters the interests of the students, helps them identify milestones, do hands-on projects and finally gets placed by matching their interests and experience in the Mythiksha course with suitable companies through the use of artificial intelligence.

“So our AI model actually maps the goals of the students with the type of training we offer them and the milestones. Basically, each task is also mapped to a skill. That’s how the current process works,” Prabhu said. , which manages the placement and training in Mitiksha.

Referring to issues related to college connections, Apoorva said in general, students often do not know what to do with their studies. This is where technology comes in

“We took a very different approach to education. We take a job role and then build a program around it. And it’s not a set of lectures, it’s a set of skills, including the most common skills required in a job description. Each skill is divided into multiple stages. Students earn a special badge or a certain skill level when they have successfully completed hands-on projects around it,” added Apoorwa.

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The startup has partnered with companies like Accenture, Softteck, and Insightly, and AI parameters the companies’ job requirements to student skills for admissions and upskilling.

Women’s movement is directly related to empowerment and is often suppressed in society. Mobility is also linked to financial independence, and through Mitiksha, Prabhu aims to empower young women from rural India to improve their skills and help them move.

“In rural India, it is always the case that a girl should get her bachelor’s degree and then get married. I saw that girls have a lot of potential, but there are patriarchal and social restrictions. Our team is working on empowering girls to break barriers by talking to their parents, giving them role models and telling them how professional development can help,” said Prabhu.

Currently, the platform has a ratio of 40 percent girls and 60 percent boys. To give priority to women, the platform also has some placement opportunities that are only for women and also works to bring together a team of women to encourage and help more girls.


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