Love Is Blind’s songs are too perfect — here’s the producers’ secret

Despite what you think, Netflix love is blind Not all songs make up for a single line of dialogue – though sometimes, the combination between words and lyrics is a bit unusual. And viewers who question this, who think that the music is a little as well on the nose Well, music supervisor John Ernst has seen your tweets. (Which is bad; some of them are Not so good.)

“My studio has been accused of locking down songwriters and musicians and singers and forcing them to write a song that matches the exact words, but that’s not the case,” laughs Ernst. So what happens when the two rows are complete? “Let’s call it television magic.”

He has a good sense of humor about online abuse, because it means people are paying attention. After all, the reality genre thrives on it; It’s a very good conversation. As one viewer tweeted, “They should know it’s over the top but it’s also what keeps me coming back.”

Therefore, the question is: if it is not a strictly word-specific process, how? to do To be selected for the song love is blind? The answer is Ernst, who has been with the show since its first season, and as its sole music supervisor, is responsible for overseeing the music before he knows the scene will fit into it. It is a position he has held since the early days. , so he knows what music can be important to a genre – and what music works especially well.

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“[The Love Is Blind production team] In these three seasons, a well-oiled machine begins to form. We know what the story points are going to be — at least, we can predict,” Ernst said. “And so what I want to do is provide editors and producers with a whole pot of gold: music that Who we know they can use. And then I sort them into separate bins according to the types of moods and genres we’re looking for so it helps to streamline for editors and producers.

Music comes, generally, from one of two places: a music library or a “reliable source,” as Ernst calls the musicians he often looks to for submissions. These “reliable sources” are “people who I trust are going to get me the best music.” When I give them my brief, I know that they are going to send me material that is actually going to work according to my instructions. He added that he relies on them to help him find “the best music for the show.”

In the current season, he said the split between the library (which includes a wide bucket of available music) and popular musicians (he’ll send them briefs on what kind of music he’s looking for) is about 50-50. Season 1 relied heavily on music libraries, as the show’s success was uncertain – considering the budget in play. Since they are created for a large database in the hope that someone will pick them up, these songs are often very straightforward in their lyrics, one-sidedly dramatic, and very easily applicable to many situations.

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love is blind He’s quite generous with his music — a particular song can last a minute or two, which Ernst says is incredibly unusual at shows where snippets or short transitions are favored. That means more exposure for the musician. As a result, he said, “Even record labels have started coming to our door here and there to showcase some of their bands as well.” He referenced the season 3 finale, which featured Coldplay’s “Beautiful” as well as musician Forest Blakk, whose songs are often featured.

Of course, it is the source of music, where Ernest is the “door.” When it comes to putting any of these songs into an episode, it’s a concerted effort; Show creator Chris Quillen — “He has amazing taste in music,” Ernst said — often makes the final decision. And often, the song’s location is a bit of a genre — one where Ernst hand-picks music based on potential themes, but with little information about the story itself.

“At the speed we work, editors and producers and story producers, they’re all in the room, scrambling to get the cut,” Ernst said, and they’ll send him a text asking for it right away. . A special kind of music. “The way they cut the truth, they’re cutting [the scene] at the same time [as] the music So it’s not much where I get to see that scene.

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He is proud, though, of this song love is blind Get a long playing time, and those bands (or their labels) laugh at coming to the show. Compared to a TV sitcom, where there may be five songs or scores used in an episode, Ernst said, an episode of reality TV may use 20 to 25 songs. And even within them, he’ll take a song and use an instrumental version of it in a scene, so when the full song hits, the emotion is simmering in the background.

At the beginning of the reality TV boom — think 2003 — Ernest was working for a variety of shows in the MTV universe, including mountain former Laguna Beach. “Those were early days; Reality television was still trying to find its way with music. And I think when they hired me as a composer on that show, they quickly realized they needed songs more than they needed a score,” he said. mountain Came around, it clearly became a great magician to expose the music of the world.

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And he knew that earlier shows had proven the importance of voices, but later love is blindIn the first season, he was overwhelmed by the volume of emails, Facebook messages, and Twitter and Instagram DMs; People were asking where some of the songs came from. For the era that libraries used, there was little he could tell them – some music was not publicly available or from a “real artist”.

“Fortunately, when we all realized what the music was doing for the audience, we were able to – in season 2 – upgrade the music and go to some people and spend a little more money and some real artists. actually got that. They had songs on iTunes and on their own label,” he said.

“I think that’s the most interesting part of working love is blind: Seeing that music has taken on a life of its own, almost as if it has a character of its own. As music supervisors, like I said, that’s kind of what we live for,” Ernst said. “We live for people actually paying attention and caring about music.”

Even if that means viewers who believe that songs are engineered to fit into scenes or popped out by advanced AI or written by Coldplay, are locked in a studio. “To be honest, there are only so many ways to say the same thing, whether it’s a song or what our cast is saying on camera, so sometimes it just mixes,” Ernst said. “And if we can find it and it works: why not?”

All three seasons love is blind Now streaming on Netflix.


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