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Logo Holiday Inn Express

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== Abstract == {{Education| Description = Holiday Inn Express Logo | Source = [https://www.ihgplc.com/files/reports/ar2016/files/pdf/2016_annual_report.pdf IHG 2016 Annual Report] | Day = | Author = Holiday Inn Express …

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If the file is converted from its original state, some details may not be fully visible in the converted file. Holiday Inn Express is a mid-sized hotel chain with more than 2,800 hotels. The chain is part of the InterContinental Hotels Group family of brands.

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The image of the Holiday Inn Express brand is closely linked to the visual identity of the Holiday Inn brand.

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The first three locations were opened in the United States in 1991. The original brand took its text from the original Holiday Inn logo, which was inspired by the “Great Brand” logo. The “Big Sign” was a roadside sign used by the company during its early expansion (1950s and 1970s).

The star above the word symbol was inspired by the pentacle found in the Great Symbol. The main brand also has a star, but it’s different. Here it’s more of a star, static, but the Holiday Inn Express logo has a comet. The number of moves will be added.

In addition to the star tail, the list of differences from the main company logo is the color (dark blue) and the word “Express”.

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The word “Express” becomes more visible, and the clock below disappears. As a result, the tattoo is washed away. Star’s updated palette, with two contrasting colors and a gentle gradient, helps with this purpose. The style has been changed slightly, although it’s hard to see the changes even if you compare the two versions side by side.

Also, the brand now draws a finer line between the core brand and the Express brand. Interestingly, the first Holiday Inn sign at the time did not have a star and featured a color palette dominated by green, which made the two brands far away from each other.

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Star and italic handwriting is gone. However, the letter “Holiday Inn” is a simple typeface. This letter, similar to the main logo, was created by the Interbrand company. Below the letter “Holiday Inn” is the word “Express” in large letters in the same style.

The name of the chain is highlighted in a blue square. On the left is a green square containing the letter “H” from the main logo (also designed by Interbrand).

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In 2016, Holiday Inn changed its logo, removing the green square and changing its style. The most striking font change concerns the “H” – the top center line is gone.

However, the Holiday Inn Express brand font is the same. The middle floor stays high.

Now, both squares have the same color. The version on the corporate website shows dark blue text in white squares, but another version has white text in dark blue squares.

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