Local entrepreneur uses smart model to help low income households afford food

A great way to help people provide food on a daily basis

A man sits near fruits with a food scale
Man sitting in front of fruits with food scale / Pexels

One of the biggest things we can be thankful for is local businesses using their expertise to help local problems.

A striking example of this is being implemented in Alexandra, Johannesburg by entrepreneur Miles Kubheka. He is the owner of Fill, a unique store that offers people the opportunity to buy food.

Many South Africans are struggling to make ends meet, so finding money to buy basic items has become difficult.

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Kubheka “uses refillable dispensers to allow customers to purchase a selection of staple food products through a weigh-and-pay model for as little as R5.” (MSN)

Ever since this experiment started in his shop, it has been very successful. The truth is that stores and sellers have their own set of rules and often they work in a business model that relies on profitability.

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“Customers bring their own containers and plastic bags. And they can buy food items such as corn flour, corn rice, sugar beans, rice, samp, sugar, tea, coffee, spices and herbs, butter, peanuts, flour, salt. , beef and chicken. Kubheka told Vutivi News that there is a great need for this model in society because of the current social and economic conditions.” (MSN)

He also noted that with the positive aspects of this business model there are certain problems. But he is determined to make it work for society. Kubheka and his team have received positive feedback from the community, and he hopes to implement this model in other towns.


He is recorded as saying, “We always have to remind ourselves to be empathetic when looking for better solutions to serve our customers, and to me, empathy allows us to offer solutions. Knowing that we We are achieving our goals. Our mission to democratize access to nutritious food in low-income households gives us great comfort.” (MSN)

We are really happy and grateful to hear that entrepreneurs like Kubheka are also serving the people in the settlements.

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