Hurricane Flag Warning

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At sea, a gale warning is a warning issued by the United States National Weather Service when winds are between 48 knots (89 km/h, 55 mph) and 63 knots (117 km/h, 73 mph) per hour ). will happen soon Winds should not be associated with a tropical cyclone.

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Hurricane Flag Warning

If the winds are associated with a tropical cyclone, a tropical storm warning will be used instead of a gale warning and a milder storm warning.

Hurricane Watch Versus Hurricane Warning

In the US maritime warning flag systems, a red square flag with a black storm warning square is used to indicate a storm warning (the use of two such flags means a hurricane wind warning or a hurricane warning). The same flag as a storm warning is used to indicate a tropical storm warning.

On land, the National Weather Service issues a “high wind warning” (Special Area Message Code: HWW) for gale-force winds, which also covers hurricane-force winds. In most cases, the warning covers winds of 40-114 mph for at least 1 hour; or any storm with a ground speed of 58-114 mph if a tropical storm warning, blizzard warning, winter storm warning, severe storm warning, or dust storm warning covers the phonon. Winds above 115 mph (100 knots) will always result in a new high wind warning shortly before it begins, usually just before the hurricane makes landfall, but it will likely replace the severe storm warning. extreme derecho evt. The only exception is if extreme winds are associated with a hurricane, a hurricane warning (or more likely a hurricane emergency) will be issued instead.

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Below is an example of a storm warning issued by the National Weather Service in Seattle, Washington.

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