How to insert page numbers in LibreOffice

If you want to know how to insert page numbers in LibreOffice to help organize a report, manuscript, or any other type of document, don’t worry! LibreOffice is an accessible document editor with a wide range of features – and tools to label your documents as you wish.

Let’s look at how to insert numbers, and what happens if you need to rearrange the pages in your document. It’s very similar to Microsoft Word, so if you’re familiar with that process, this should be quick and easy for you. Don’t worry if you don’t, it’s just a few clicks away.

How to add page numbers in LibreOffice

If necessary, you can find and download the latest version of LibreOffice here. It is free to use, although you need to give it certain permissions to access the available documents.

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Step 1: Open your document. Select the footer section of your front page.

Selecting the footer in LibreOffice.

Step 2: Select the feet box to open its menu.

Insert page number with footer in LibreOffice.

Step 3: Choose Enter the page number.

Step 4: A page number will appear in your footer and all footers of your document on each page. The number will be displayed wherever the foot is currently positioned, so you can easily position your cursor where you want the number (the Tab key works well here) before entering the page number. You can use the alignment buttons just like you would with regular text.

Step 5: You can change the thickness and size of your page number using the various editing tools in the toolbar for the rest of your document.

Step 6: For more options, double-click your page number, and enter a location Site management window where you can choose from a variety of page numbering templates.

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You will also know where Offset box here: The number you type here will remove that number of pages from the bottom of the document and start the page numbering system at the beginning – that is if you type “2” then the last two pages of the document will not be counted, and counting. start at “3” instead of “1.”

LibreOffice Page Numbering Document.

Step 7: If for some reason your document doesn’t play well with footers due to the style you’re using or the work you’re doing, you can add a page number by selecting the Enter tab to the menu, and select Page number

Enter the page index in LibreOffice.

Step 8: If you want your title page to have no page number, you can manage your title page, select Format on the menu, then select title page…

This menu contains several options, including the ability to set a number of Title pages (such as those for the first language, the class of things, etc.) and wherever you want. These pages will not be counted for ranking.

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Title page options in LibreOffice.

Step 9: You can enter the current page number by moving your cursor to that location, select Enterthen choose Garden. Here you will find another option to add a location Page number.

Step 10: You may have noticed the option to add a location Page number in these menus. This includes the total number of pages currently at your cursor location – not to be confused with adding a page number.

For more editing options, check out our article on turning on the dark mode for LibreOffice.

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