How Does one Explain the Difference Between the Success of the U.S. Economy and Developing Countries?

Although I was humble, I was born with a silver spoon because I was born in the United States and I was given the privilege of not being with kings in other countries. So it is for millions of us in America. Some would say that my life is lucky. I call them freedom.

In the 1980s, I traveled the world flying P3 Orions for the USN in bases like Mogadishu, Somalia; Djibouti; Muscat, Oman; and the Philippines. I saw people in abject poverty with no hope for a better future. My international business career took me to many other countries, including China, Korea, India, and many European countries where I saw economic growth in the midst of economic poverty.

How does one explain the difference between the success of the US economy and the miserable existence of the developing world? In short, our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law.

The inspired idea of ​​the Decision that all people – the king and the poor – are born with the right to protect their lives, their freedom, their intelligence and their wealth brought out the spirit of man in this new country called the United States. In our time, leaders like Ronald Reagan made sure we kept that promise, which drew people from all over the world to America to do their best.

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A friend recently asked curiously if there was a luckier country in the world than ours because it had the likes of Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, and Franklin. These men understood the obstacles to the establishment of any government, let alone one based on the principle of self-governance that has never been tried before.

History taught our Founders that politicians are so comfortable with their power that they force themselves into office until they, not the elected, decide it’s time. Therefore, our founders believe that an informed citizenry will be a check on this trend. Unfortunately, today’s voters have not lived up to those expectations.

In Connecticut, one only looks at Senators Blumenthal and Murphy, Representatives Courtney, DeLauro, and Larson, and many state officials such as Martin Looney and Bob Duff, each with many years, to see what the politician looks like. The sad thing is that the voters have failed to heed the warning of those who made the decision.

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This division in a government led by terrorists violates our rights. With almost all of their energy these politicians are spending tax dollars on various pet policies that do nothing to promote human growth or protect our sovereignty. Instead, untold billions of dollars are spent to attract votes and keep them in office. How can one explain how Gov. Ned Lamont supports election-year checks going to major states?

In Connecticut, when a neighbor is about to retire, the inevitable question is, “Where are you going?” It is assumed that he does not live in the state. The countries mentioned above all have high economic freedom. These retirees are not greedy; they just want to keep their hard earned money to spend as they see fit. We have reached a point where it is easy for people to leave their families and friends and go to countries that allow them to exercise their rights. Few other countries have such a high rate of retirement.

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With one party in power in Connecticut, we see Democrats using their position to gain power. A favorite is to point out bad corporations that don’t pay their “fair share” in taxes. People who argue against this theory are either uneducated or dishonest, or both. Taxes are a line item on the P&L statement; As with all operating costs, organizations will pass it on to consumers. That rich people should pay more is a lie because Hartford needs to spend less.

Connecticut needs to change its mind and vote out those who have been in office for decades. As citizens we need to look at the way the government works, think for ourselves, and protect our rights as quickly as possible. So we have to vote to change it. I challenge those who say, “I’ve always voted for the Democrats because they take care of me” to rethink what they have and see how a new leadership can help us all regain our economic and social liberties.

Robert Ham
Cheshire, CT


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