Here are the latest features Microsoft added to Teams in November 2022


7×7 Group of video clips: now before the selection.

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Microsoft released new features for Teams in November, and increased functionality under the hood.

Pollers have an instant polling feature that allows participants to quickly summarize opinions with binary responses such as yes/no, thumbs up/down, hurt feelings. These can be done on the fly by the presenters so they can be more proactive than before. Microsoft boasts that Teams is the only app with an instant binary option button.

“With our competitors, presenters should plan a vote in advance,” Microsoft said in its November 2022 Teams update.

Companies have about 270 million users per month, according to Microsoft, adding new features more than once a day. In July Microsoft revealed that it had added 450 users to Teams last year.

Now Teams users can easily view up to 49 videos in Teams groups on a 7×7 screen. Previously, only nine videos were displayed, meaning users had to manually select the Gallery view to see all 49.

November also saw an update to the Teams client after Microsoft updated its software based on Electron. The exchange between communications and the exchange between channels has been faster compared to the last major update in June 2020.

Previously, in October, Microsoft announced the addition of Teams Premium for $ 10 per user per month. This provides users with new AI features such as meeting guides, branding, recap intelligence, AI-generated tasks, personal information, intelligent search, live translations for captions and new security.

Online meetings in Chrome and Edge were updated in November to improve calling and meetings with improvements to the collaboration interface, a powerful feature, and a control panel. again.

Microsoft has also rolled out transcription for one-on-one and team calls in the Teams app for Android.

For the hybrid workplace, Microsoft has updated Teams in Windows to control the video streams of participants in the room on the first display of the room. When users join a meeting in Teams Rooms with a personal laptop, the video screens in the Teams Room and the computers in the room are locked to show only the remote video streams, the Microsoft account.

To prevent spam, chat groups can allow users to accept or block a group chat invitation from a non-user.

And to keep companies working in multiple time zones, Microsoft has added a scheduled delivery feature – such as delaying the sending of emails in Outlook. Users can choose the date and time the message will be sent.


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