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Google is revising its business agreements with mobile operators and other partners in India and is making other changes in the South Asian market to comply with the local antitrust watchdog’s directives. a major move that could invite regulators elsewhere to make similar decisions.

The Android-maker, which was slapped with a $161 million fine by the Competition Commission of India last year and ordered to make a number of changes in its business practices, said on Wednesday that It allows mobile vendors in India to license individual software. pre-installed on their Android devices.

Google will also give consumers the ability to change the search engine and use three payment options for apps and games purchased on the Play Store starting next month.

The Competition Commission of India has ordered Google not to force mobile manufacturers to bundle multiple Google apps on their handsets. He also asked the firm to give users the ability to unlock Google apps, use third-party payment options in the Play Store, and change their search engine, if they want.

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Google said it will continue to file a complaint with the Competition Commission of India. But it is moving forward with changes to implement the country of law. Changes in business practices in India are limited.

The move comes after Google warned that compliance with the CCI’s directives will result in devices growing in the world’s second largest mobile market and lead to a proliferation of apps. which is not guaranteed to threaten personal and national security.

India is a huge market for Google, where it has accumulated over half a million users. Over 97% of all smartphones in India are powered by Google’s Android mobile operating system, according to research firm Counterpoint. Google has poured billions into the country over the past decade and is working to invest another $10 billion.

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Below is the complete list of important changes that Google is making in India:

  • OEMs can license individual Google apps for pre-installation on their devices.

  • Android users can customize their apps to suit their needs. Indian users will have the option to choose their search engine through a selection screen that will start appearing when a user sets up a new Android phone or tablet in India.

  • We are updating the Android configuration requirements to introduce changes for partners to build different or different versions.

  • All apps and games will have user-selectable bills starting next month. Through User Choice Billing, developers can give users the option to choose an alternative billing system in addition to Google Play’s billing system when purchasing digital content in- app.

  • Android still supports installing apps from a variety of sources, including sideloading, which involves downloading apps from a developer’s website. We’ve also made changes to the way Android runs and the ability to update sideloaded apps and app stores while making sure users are aware of security issues.

In a reversal earlier this month, the Supreme Court of India rejected Google’s request to block the CCI order. Google had until Friday to comply with the order of the antitrust regulator.

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“Achieving these changes across the ecosystem will be a complex process that will require significant efforts on our end and, in many cases, significant efforts from partners, manufacturers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and developers,” Google said Wednesday. “Our commitment to Indian consumers and the country’s digital transformation is unwavering.”


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