Gillette showcases stadium reno, razor with mixed reality segment during ‘MNF’

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During the Chicago Bears-New England Patriots game on Monday, October 24, 2022, an authentic advertisement for Gillette was shown to television viewers, a process that included the integration of designers virtual and a big knife in virtual space.

The piece was designed to showcase Gillette’s men’s razor with an exfoliating feature that is part of the GilletteLabs brand.

It shows the Patriot’s mascot, Pat Patriot, walking into a room, possibly somewhere inside the stadium, and flipping a switch to “activate” the actual unit. of advertising.

Now, the scene has been transformed before the camera hits such as using a wireframe-style green screen to “build” a giant tower and clear video board about the size of the width of the right side of the stadium.

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In an interesting twist, this joint venture is actually a glimpse of what’s to come in real life — the Patriots are currently undergoing a $225 million stadium renovation to add a 22,000-square-foot video deck. foot and 220-foot tall lighthouse. a nod to a small scene near the entrance to the stadium.

What’s not real is that the lighthouse can shoot a green light over the field, creating a large circular dais that rolls like a coin that is flipped to show the target. magnetic of the knife product.

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After this, the electronic components of a giant blade are flown from the right side of the field, combining with other elements to create a complete 3D model of the blade. The process also includes an “exfoliating bar,” a section under the leaves that improves its green color and some brightening effects.

The piece is not included in the audio or the story, relying on the background music and the virtual work on the page to show the product, which needs to be explained carefully.


The sequence was designed as an “in-game” advertisement designed to try to draw attention to the advertiser’s message by making it part of the game.

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This reality piece was created in partnership with the NFL, Gillette (a division of Proctor and Gamble), The Future Group virtual production company and The Kraft Group, a sports marketing and consumer goods company that owns Patriot is Robert Kraft.

Gillette has had the naming rights to the stadium since 2002, with a newly signed deal extending until 2031.

The stadium will be renamed GilletteLabs Stadium when it opens in 2023.

In 2016, Amazon added NBC to a giant Amazon Echo in the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Plaza during election coverage and other brands and vendors tested the pieces. like in the years since then.


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