Fox News Flips Out Over ‘Woke’ Xbox Because Everything Is Stupid

A day after M&M’s discontinued their “sokescandies” amid backlash from Fox News fans who no longer found them sexy, the conservative cable found its latest target for outrage. : “wakes up” video games with power saving features.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that Xbox will offer “carbon aware game downloads and updates” as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions and help fight to climate change.

“For example, instead of your Xbox waking up during the nighttime window between 2:00 am – 6:00 am, your console will wake up at a time when it can use to the most renewable energy in your local energy. grid,” the company said, adding: “This will reduce fossil fuel dependence and CO2 emissions, and can save you money.”

But because the right-wing machine always needs to feed, conservative media outlets and Republican politicians seized the opportunity to declare this the latest battle in the never-ending culture war.

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“First stoves, then your coffee, now they’re burning your Xbox,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who is more interested in being a right-wing entertainer than a lawyer. tweeted on Monday. (For the unsatisfied, conservatives have been losing their minds these days about future regulations on gas producers, which liberals will “come and take away.”)

It didn’t take long, of course, for Fox News to jump on the faux-rage train. To get the ball rolling, the network’s digital newsroom published a segment Monday night that promoted conservative critics who “blamed” the “woke brigade” for going after the video games.

On Tuesday morning the announcement of Fox & Friends FirstFox Business anchor Cheryl Casone muttered that “some executives at Microsoft thought this was a good idea” before reading a series of tweets from right-wing influencers mocking the move.

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“Obviously! Is that the best word?!” Fox & Friends First co-host Todd Piro exclaimed. “I really stand by that statement. Carbon conscious?! I’ve known carbon for most of my adult life. It is very important.”

The next hour, however, Fox News told viewers that Big Climate Change is coming for their kids because their video game systems have new power.

“Xbox has announced that they are also standing up for climate change,” Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt shared. “They are adding a new feature to their default settings. If you have an Xbox you can install this new software, and it will turn off after a long time to save the environment.

Fox News Radio host Jimmy Failla has sounded the alarm about children being targeted by left-wing climate change organizations.

“We know what this means,” said the conservative actor. “It’s not really going to stop the deportations, yes – the rate of reduction is very small. But they’re trying to get your kids into politics earlier; understand them. right now.

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“You’re right,” Earhardt agreed. “They’re going after the kids.”

Not to be outdone, Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen accused Cruz of tying Microsoft’s decision with the rest of the new culture war lawsuits.

“They want to tell you how to live your life. We’ll say ‘No, you’re not going to drive a gas-guzzling car and no, you’re not going to have a stove, you’re going to have an electric stove.’ ” he said on Fox News’ More numbers. “Because not every house in New York City can have gas, right? This thing is really happening. If radicals want to alienate Gen Z, the best way to do it is It’s taking their Xbox!


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