Falconer Uses 360 Camera To Record Epic VR Fly-Over

Get a bird’s eye view of Neuschwanstein Castle in southwestern Bavaria, Germany.

An amazing 360-degree video of an eagle flying through the sky with space Insta360 RS The camera on its back has more than 22K likes Instagram and continues to gain traction.

Shot by a professional falconer Paul Climate, the video looks like you’re strapped to the back of an eagle as it flies around Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. The castle is the inspiration for Disneyland Sleeping Beauty castle, located in a nature reserve, which means drones are not allowed in the building. The only way you can get this kind of photography is by asking for the help of a fellow wingman.

Klima, who has been running falconry courses for the past 20 years, got the idea in 2007 while filming nature for a Bavarian TV show. To do that, the crew strapped an HD camera to an eagle, but the camera was too heavy for the bird, and its flight time was short. That said, he was able to take some great photos.

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What Klima really wanted to do was give people a way to experience flying from a first-person perspective. The idea has been with Klima for several years, and when small and light consumer cameras started to hit the market, Klima saw an opportunity to capture the immersive experience that can be obtained through a headset. VR.

One of the biggest challenges Kliman faced was figuring out how to attach a 360-degree camera to an eagle while allowing the animal to fly freely with little or no disturbance. To do this, Klima worked with his team and his birds to design a standard belt that is very simple and does not cause any problems for the animal.

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His work and his birds are important to him. In a club membership record on the Internet accessKlima talks about his passion as a falconer, saying, “In the summer, I train my birds every day at Falkenhof in southern Bavaria. The mountains at the top of the river Isar is the best place for training – good flying conditions, so.

“Of course, birds need their care every day. I often go with the sales people,” he said. “However, I can’t spend my time outside (even if I wanted to). I have a lot of office work to do. and have to answer emails.I get my pay when we get my eagles and put the EagleCam to work in the mountains.

When asked about the type of VR 360 cameras used to capture his image, Klima noted that Insta360 helped him solve a problem he had struggled with for years . Early HD cameras were heavy and only gave you one view and early 360 footage had to be cropped to really capture the eagle’s POV. Consistency is also a big problem.

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The Insta360 RS’s Duel 1-inch sensors, flow-state stabilization, 360 horizon lock, and longevity gave Klima and his team a simple and accurate way to record a 360-degree POV view.

Learn more about it Climate and his work, check out his website. Visit here Learn more about Insta360 and the Insta360 RS camera. You can view the video on any VR headset with support for 360-degree YouTube videos.

Photo Credit: Insta360


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