Exyte increases order intake, sales, and profitability

  • Order intake increased by more than 25% in a year, which is a new one 9 M– the highest with 6.5 billion euros

  • The sales volume increased by almost 60% and reached 5.3 billion euros

  • Strong sales growth in all three business segments

  • Adjusted EBIT increased by 73% to EUR 308 million; Adjusted EBITDA increased by 70% to 340 million euros

  • Acquisition of Airgard Inc., growing the strategic product portfolio of the Technology and Services business

  • A new employer brand to attract new talent

STUTTGART, Germany, November 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Exyte GmbH (Exyte), a global leader in the design, engineering and delivery of high-tech facilities, continues its strong performance during the first nine months of the 2022 financial year. in the way of its rapid growth, its “Road to Ten”.



In the first nine months of 2022, Exyte recorded a nearly 60% year-over-year increase in sales. All-time record sales of €5.3 billion (9 M/2021: €3.4 billion) thanks to major projects in all business sectors, especially in the APAC and EMEA regions. Both regions also contributed a lot to the order. The order volume from January to September reached 6.5 billion euros (9 M/2021: 5.1 billion euros), an increase of more than 25% compared to the previous year.

With adjusted EBITDA of €340 million (9 M/2021: EUR 200 million) and adjusted EBIT EUR 308 million (9 M/2021: €178 million) Exyte further improved its profitability. Adjusted EBITDA margin was 6.4% (9 M/2021: 5.9%, adjusted EBIT margin reached 5.8% (9 M/2021: 5.3%, both up 0.5% year-over-year.

“Our solid business growth underlines our strong strategic position. The industries we serve continue to invest. Despite the current global economic growth, we do not expect any significant backlash for these industries or our business. We serving global megatrends that will continue to thrive despite short-term economic turbulence,” says Dr. Wolfgang Büchele, CEO of Exyte.

Despite the current economic developments, the outlook is positive

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“Exyte succeeds in ‘Road to Ten’. Our target turnover of around €7 billion in 2022 brings us closer to our goal of reaching €10 billion in sales in 2027. With successful projects and an order backlog of 8, 2 billion euros, We are well positioned for profitable growth in the future. Despite the ongoing economic uncertainties, we see a stable positive development of Exyte,” said Peter Schönhofer, CFO of Exyte. “However, we are closely monitoring developments and their potential impact on our business and will take countermeasures where necessary.”

Exyte confirms the positive outlook for the end of the year. In line with sales growth, adjusted EBITDA and adjusted EBIT are expected to increase accordingly. For 2022, the company expects an adjusted EBITDA of around EUR 450 million, corresponding to an adjusted EBIT of more than EUR 400 million.

Growth in all business segments, Biopharma & Life Sciences and Data Centers with impressive sales growth

In the first nine months of 2022, all three business segments won significant new projects in all regions. With a sales share of about 87% of the total sales volume of the group, the business segment Advanced technological facilities A sales increase of almost 55% to 4.6 billion euros was recorded (9 M/2021: 3.0 billion euros). With the continued positive development of the semiconductor industry, import orders increased by almost a quarter to 5.5 billion euros (9 M/2021: 4.5 billion euros). Battery cell manufacturers also benefit from Exyte’s expertise in clean and dry rooms. Exyte sees further sales opportunities for this business in the coming years, as so-called gigafabs for the production of battery cells and batteries are planned around the world.

Biopharma and life sciences product sales almost doubled in the first nine months. Segment sales reached 477 million euros (9 M/2021: €247 million) due to major projects in Singapore and Malaysia. Biopharma & Life Sciences accounts for 9.0% of total group sales (9 M/2021: 7.3%). The order value reached 477 million euros (9 M/2021: 384 million euros). In Germany, Exyte is building an mRNA competence center in Halle. Further biopharma projects are now being prepared for global pharmaceutical companies. Exyte recently launched a new Life Sciences Office Cork, Ireland. Ireland’s pharmaceutical industry has grown rapidly in recent years. Exyte expects significant investments Ireland in projects ranging from biotechnologies to fillers, active pharmaceutical ingredients and cell and gene therapy.

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Sale Data centers segment increased by 74% to 181 million euros (9 M/2021: €104 million). Order value increased by more than 130% to 409 million euros (9 M/2021: €175 million). The business segment currently has data center projects in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Malaysiaand Taiwanamong others.

Strategic development of technology and services segment

Exyte recently completed the acquisition of Airgard Inc., a US specialist in exhaust gas treatment technology. Airgard wet scrubbers are used worldwide by key players in the semiconductor industry. The acquisition of Airgard strengthens Exyte’s position to support its customers with technical solutions to manage their emissions, also in light of the increasing standards that are developing with environmental, social and governance (ESG) regulations and requirements.

This is the next acquisition through which Exyte builds on its vertical integration strategy by strengthening its business in technology and mission-critical services. In 2021, Exyte acquired Critical Process Systems Group and turned it into a Technology and Services (T&S) business area. T&S is comprised of organizations that provide cleanroom technology, installation services and critical equipment for their customers’ subsystems as well as off-site manufacturing (OSM). In the first nine months of 2022, Technology & Services nearly doubled sales to 555 million euros (9 M/2021: €280 million), which contributed about 10% to the group’s total sales (9 M/2021: 8.0%). Import orders more than doubled to 788 million euros (9 M/2021: 336 million euros).

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Progress on the Road to Ten – New Employer Branding

Targeted and strategic acquisitions are a cornerstone of Exyte’s ‘Next Level’ agenda. In this paper, the company has identified several areas of action to succeed in the “Road to Ten”. Another course of action is to become an employer of choice for existing and future employees. To that end, Exyte recently introduced a new employer brand that is the foundation of global talent acquisition and engagement. Around 15,000 employees are expected to work at Exyte in 2027, double the number in 2021. At the end September 2022 Exyte employed approximately 9,000 people worldwide.

Key financial figures at a glance


9 M/2021


2022 vs. 2021

Order acceptance

€6.5 billion

EUR 5.1 billion



5.3 billion euros

€3.4 billion


Adjusted EBITDA

€340 mln

€ 200 mln


Adjusted EBITDA margin



+0.5 PP

Adjusted EBIT

€308 mln

€ 178 mln


Adjusted EBIT margin



+0.5 PP

* Percentage based on values ​​calculated in millions.

For more details on 9 M-results 2022 please visit exyte.net website.

About Exyte

Exyte is a global leader in the design, engineering and delivery of ultra-clean and sustainable facilities for the technology industries. With a proven track record developed over more than a century, we serve clients in the complex markets of semiconductors, battery cells, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and data centers. Exyte offers a full range of services from consulting to managing the implementation of turnkey solutions with the highest standards of safety and quality to our customers worldwide. We create a better future by enabling key industries to improve the quality of modern life. In 2021, Exyte achieved product sales 4.9 billion euros with approximately 7,400 employees worldwide.


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