ETSU participates in “America Recycles Day”

The Sustainability Department plans to change the way ETSU people recycle, starting with an information center and recycling center that they launched last Tuesday, Nov. 15, at the DP Culp Student Center.

The event, presented in conjunction with the national “America Recycles Day,” provided students with recycling bins for batteries and ink and toner cartridges, as well as informational sessions from representatives of the Department of Sustainability.

Erica Malpass, the department’s conservation coordinator, said the goal of America Recycles Day is the same across the country: to get people thinking about recycling.

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To follow up, the department decided to collect items that are traditionally difficult to recycle in order to spread awareness of recycling facilities.

“I don’t think people realize that we do renovations on campus,” Malpass said. “We’re trying to help people understand that we accept some things that are difficult to reform.”

Malpass also believes that the event was able to educate the ETSU community about how to better manage recyclables in the various bins around campus. He shares that the recycling center can recycle one and two types of plastic, so students should check the item to make sure it is recyclable before throwing it in the recycling bin. The number must be on the bottom or side of the item and will be displayed within the recycling symbol.

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In addition, the event was able to provide an opportunity to share with other projects that are being carried out by the Department of Sustainability. To further their recycling efforts, the department will introduce new educational posters around schools.

Although the ETSU Free Store has had its last appearance of the year, there will be a donation event for those leaving campus this semester, in preparation for the store’s next release in the spring. Donation bins will be set up from Nov. 28 to Dec. 9.

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Regardless of the situation, the Sustainability Department works to improve the school and the surrounding area.

“Sustainability is not just technical, it’s multifaceted and it extends to many people,” Malpass said.

Ideas for events and businesses are always welcome and can be sent to: [email protected] For more information and a complete list of the department’s activities, visit:


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