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Public assistance to Ukraine, led by a network of partners and partners, is an important moment in the history of defense cooperation, the head of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency said.

James A. Hursch spoke about security cooperation last week at his organization’s 2022 Security Cooperation Conference. Mara E. Karlin, the Department of Defense’s assistant secretary for strategy, planning and capabilities, also spoke at the event in Washington.

Besides being a critical moment, the impact of US aid to Ukraine has been far-reaching, Hursch said.

“We now know the speed at which we can put lethal and effective support into the hands of armed forces engaged in hot war. [in terms of] weeks, if not days. Now we know how we can supply allied forces with military equipment, and now we know how much our unparalleled network can be expanded to support those in need – our 50 partner nations,” he said.

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The security agreement with Ukraine provides a buffer against the ongoing crisis, Hursch said.

“It is easy to think that the international community has considered the possibility of violence in the future based on the size of the international aid to Ukraine. [being] he took the lead in the United States’ defense effort,” he said.

In addition, the companies that make up the US, ally and support the defense industry and help and build the strength that makes this cooperation possible, he said.

“I have met with many of these companies from the United States and Europe in the past few weeks, and I am impressed by the question that is often repeated, ‘How can we provide more support?'” he said.

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“A lot of credit goes to the Ukrainian military for their bravery and determination, and we know that the efforts of our partners and our company will help the country and its forces effectively defend the country twice its size,” he added.

Hursch also said that security cooperation with allies – such as Australia, South Korea, and Japan – as threats from China grow.

Karlin said defense cooperation requires special skills. “The security agreement is not just a tool in the toolbox, it is a technical tool that requires special skills and knowledge to use it effectively,” he said.

The new national security strategy reflects the need for international security cooperation, Karlin said.

“We see a global geostrategic environment full of threats, from countries that want to undermine the security and freedom of our friends and non-governmental organizations that can undermine and limit our ability to maintain law and order. .

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DOD wants to help partners not only to develop special skills, but also to make the organization more loyal and effective and the ability to promote shared values, especially promoting and protecting human rights and good security leadership, he said.

“What sets the United States apart in the competitive landscape is what we stand for. Our ability to maintain and continue to set high standards for human rights, gender equality and equity, humanitarian issues and the rule of law — including oversight of civilians. military – can help our partners achieve their goals and advance their shared interests,” he said.


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