Colombia vs Spain Live: Score Updates (0-0) | 10/30/2022

11:37 AM A few seconds ago


It was the second time that Spain had taken the lead through Cristina’s goal, as she was stopped by her first goalkeeper, but recovered and the ball went in suspiciously.

11:35 AM3 minutes ago

The second part started

The second 45 minutes started with a change for Colombia, Carla Viancha replacing striker Oriana Quintero.

11:21 AM 17 minutes ago

End of the first part

11:16 AM22 minutes ago


At the end of the first half, Spain traveled to Spain and Marina Artera headed in a corner kick from Vicky, but it found the Colombian goalkeeper.

11:11 AM27 minutes ago


Two minutes have been added to this first part

11:06 AM32 minutes ago


Once again, Spain had another chance, Carla Camacho’s shot ran over the defender and the rebound fell to Cristina who went out from the edge of the area.

11:01 AM37 minutes ago

This was Natalia Hernandez’s shot.

10:56 AM42 minutes ago


Marina Artero’s header from Vicky’s cross was cleared over the line by a Colombian defender.

10:51 AMan hours ago


A quick start for Colombia, Linda Caido had a shot from the edge of the area, but Sofía took two catches.

10:46 AMan hours ago


Linda Caicedo’s cross, however, could not be finished by anyone.

10:41 AMan hours ago


Natalia Hernandez’s shot went over the goalkeeper’s head.

10:31 AMan hours ago


John Amezage’s cross was cleared by Colombia’s back line;

10:26 AMan hours ago


Spain dominated possession at the start of the season to Colombia’s 70% to 30%.

10:21 AMan hours ago


Spain’s first free-kick from Vicky’s cross to the near post was almost deflected by a player.

10:16 AMan hours ago


Sofia Fuente got a good hand from Gabby Rodriguez’s free kick and headed the ball into the corner.

10:11 AMan hours ago


The first card of the game was a late foul on center back Sandra Villafrin that left Jessica Munoz lying on the ground.

10:06 AM2 hours ago

This was how both teams took the field.

10:01 AM2 hours ago

The match started

The first possession of the game goes to Colombia;

9:56 AM2 hours ago

It’s all set.

The players take the field before the start of the game and the national anthems are played;

9:51 AM2 hours ago

Summary of the last meeting between Colombia and Spain

9:26 AM2 hours ago

1 hour

In 1 hour, Colombia vs Spain Women’s U-17 World Cup decider will start. You can watch the match preview and minute by minute here on VAVEL.

9:21 AM2 hours ago

Follow Colombia vs Spain live here

9:16 AM2 hours ago

How to watch Colombia vs Spain?

9:06 AM3 hours ago

Spanish player

9:01 AM3 hours ago

Colombian player

8:56 AM3 hours ago

How is Spain coming?

The Spanish team comes here as the U-17 World Cup champions after lifting the title of this tournament in Uruguay 2018. At the same time, Spain finished second in the UEFA U-17 Championship, which gave them a ticket for this. World Cup. This generation of Spanish players includes great players like Vicky Lopez, Olaya Rodriguez, Judith Pujols, Carla Camacho and Marina Artero. In their first match of this World Cup, the Spanish team won in the last minutes by scoring a goal in the 85th minute against Colombia. In the second game, they lost 1-2 to Mexico. They finished the group stage with a narrow win over China and confirmed that they have qualified for the quarter-final group. In that round, they faced Japan and were able to finish the game with two goals from Vicky Lopez. In the semi-finals again in the heroics, this time in the 90th minute in the last stand Germany managed to win;

8:51 AM3 hours ago

How does Colombia come about?

Colombia’s national team, which did not make it past the group stage of the 2018 finals, was eliminated after finishing third in the group with two points after Canada and Spain. After that failure, they qualified for the World Championships in March, finishing second with six points. In this World Cup, they started by losing the first group game against Spain, but later beat China 0-2 and beat Mexico 2-1 to close the group. These results put them top of the division with six points. They beat Tanzania 3-0 in the quarter-finals but fought hard in the semi-finals, beating Nigeria on penalties.

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8:46 AM3 hours ago


The Spanish and Colombian national teams have played twice and the Spanish team won one while the other ended in a draw. The last time they met was on October 12 in the group stage, when Spain won with a goal from John Amazaga with 5 minutes remaining. They met for the first time in The 2018 World Cup match ended in a 1-1 draw.

8:41 AM3 hours ago

Venue: The match will be played at the DI Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai which was inaugurated on 4 March 2008 and has a capacity of 55,000 spectators.

8:36 AM3 hours ago

Preview of the match

Colombia National Team and Spain Under-17 Women’s National Team will face each other in the final of the World Cup in India and fight to become the world champion.

8:31 AM3 hours ago


My name is Manuel Carmona Hidalgo and I will be your anti-frion for this match. Here we bring you the analysis and news before the match; Directly from VAVEL


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