Chanel Holiday Gift Set 2021

Chanel Holiday Gift Set 2021 – CHANEL’s iconic N°5 celebrates 100 years of celebration and is the inspiration behind the 2021 holiday makeup collection. adorns lips and nails. Of course, there’s still a little sparkle to help you out”

The lipsticks, eyeshadow palette and fragrance all come in this crisp white package with the ‘5’ emblazoned in gold – and I absolutely love this new take on a classic.

Chanel Holiday Gift Set 2021

N°5 Les 4 Ombres, Limited Edition* (CAN $80.00) | Housed in the brand’s signature black lacquer compact with gold-plated double C’s on the outer cover, each of the four shades features beautiful, alternating embossed patterns.

Chanel N°5 Holiday 2021 Collection

With the easily recognizable silhouette of the bottle. The deep shade and the two “white” shades show off the beautiful color, while the gold shade has more shimmer and can also be layered with other eyeshadows like a claw (or solo to wear as you are beautiful). Everything has a texture that is easy to blend, while staying power – when worn with primer, great. Another misconception is how black the face is and even when blended, it’s not muddy. In fact, when the shades perfectly encapsulate the holiday, I can’t help but think how “CHANEL” all four of them look.

Ombre Première Laque, Limited Edition (CAN $43.00/single) | Both shades are in transparent rectangles (easy to monitor the product), both shades have compact paddle-shaped applicators that are easy to pick up and dispense a lot of product with all the rest. What makes these two interesting is the addition of shimmer; Just enough to add a touch of charm without worrying that you’ll be seen. You can wear it alone on the lid, layer for application, or even layer over powder eye shadow – remember to work one eye at a time to avoid setting the product for you cannot complete and use the motion to request. As for the application, you can try with different brushes, but synthetic ones help give more power, while brushing with natural bristles will cause more impact. Also, you can smudge it with your finger for an edgy but still wearable look.

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O Ivoire Iridescent Highlighting Fluid, Limited Edition* (CAN $60.00) | In this book there are two main points (perhaps to compensate for the lack of content in recent times

Maze. I am a big fan of this brand of liquid and still reach for my old bottle

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To this day, even the new versions are in my rotation as well. However, this year’s iteration with the golden double C on the cap is the hotter option in the range, imbued with a subtle yet subtle sheen that blends beautifully with the pieces skin Besides wearing it on the upper part of the face, its liquid beauty means you can easily use it on other parts of the body such as the neck and/or décolleté. Considering a little goes a long way and you don’t need a lot, a bottle of this should last you a long time. Note that unlike its predecessors, this version doesn’t seem to have much of a scent, and the scent is barely noticeable.

Or Baume Essentiel, Limited Edition (CAN $60.00) | I’ve been a fan of this simple highlighter format since the beginning

Launched, and this year’s version is amazing. Housed in a flip-out tube with a gold double C on the lid, this is a soft gold-toned soft highlighter with a beautiful complex, subtle golden shimmer that can be used on face and eyes. Since it is not meant to dry, you must use discretion about placement and even then, must renew. I find that even after some of the product has worn off, there is a subtle shimmer left – almost like an echo, which is just beautiful. love

, this year’s version seems to have a slightly perceptible fragrance, unlike previous versions that are more clearly scented.

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N°5 Rouge Allure Lipstick, Limited Edition (CAN $58.00/each) | Following the details, there are 5 lipsticks in the collection and they all have raised ‘5’ on the flip head (which is changed to the bottom of the lips). The number of shades of each can be found printed on the inside of the casing as well, so don’t worry if you forget which color goes on the exterior. God

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The formula is one of my favorites from the brand: very pigmented, buttery smooth to apply, and very comfortable to wear. There are red colors here to suit all skin tones, from the lightest to the deepest, with a small, but still beautiful range of tones. And while there, the holiday red may not be true, CHANEL likes to do some red and I like how timeless and classic – regardless of wear – they are all five of them.

914 Rouge Intemporel*, Limited Edition (CAN $38.00) | In the brand’s iconic square-capped bottle, but with gold double C’s on the lid (as opposed to white, even the chin has white double C’s), this is a powerful red creme shades with the right balance of both. Warm and cool undertones, so it can be worn on a wide range of skin tones. Featuring a self-leveling formula that achieves a natural glossy finish, the texture is amazing and glides easily on the nail. Very heavily pigmented, you can almost get away with just one coat, but two coats really pay off for this shade. “

Unlike many other strong reds, there are no stains left after removal, but I still recommend using a top coat first and sealing it all with a top coat for added protection and bright.

Chanel 2021 Chinese New Year Packaging

N°5 Eau de Parfum 2021 Limited Edition* (CAN $205.00/100ml) | The New Year edition comes in a white biodegradable packaging, with a black elastic seal in the neck, while the bottle itself is made of recycled glass – first personally, I like the handle because that a) they consider, b) give this classic a new, youthful update, c) reduce excessive packaging, and d) show the needs of customers and the environment. When Gabrielle Chanel created N°5 in -1921 (the real number behind the perfume was Jacques Folge), I don’t think even she knew it was necessary; for the first time, a paper perfume has finally been replaced by something new. and new, breaking out of the convention and revolutionizing the perfume industry.

As a fan of CHANEL since I was young, I have always wanted to wear this fragrance, although it is one that is unfortunately not compatible with my body chemistry. This fact does not prevent me from being proud in my blindness. Fast forward a few years, and I’m glad that I can now wear it, even in doses because I have a sensitivity to perfumes. As I have reviewed this icon in the past, you can find more details in my post here.

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I’m a doctor at heart and a part of me really loves every part of this stuff. I am also a CHANEL collector, so the special packaging and limited edition of this set speaks volumes for me. It doesn’t hurt that every piece is completely satisfying. So if you’re like me, you don’t want to wait for this product because I can guarantee you that everything here is 100% for sale. Run, don’t walk…so, enjoy! Chanel this weekend has two sets for Cyber ​​Monday, only for and limited edition. The set includes the Beauty To-Go Lip & Fragrance Set ($74) and Travel Heroes Men’s Essentials ($76). If you are looking for some last minute gifts, I think these are great options!

Both come this year in a zippered bag in black tweed material and a gold Chanel logo ring on the front. The bags are the perfect size to carry a lot while keeping everything compact and organized. The Beauty To-Go Lip & Scent Kit ($74) includes Rouge Coco Baum and Chance Eau Tender Eau de Toilette twist and fragrance (light, floral and fruity).

Holiday Gift Ideas

This year Chanel includes a set for men with Travel Heroes Men’s Essentials ($76). Andrew has seen it and is excited to see it for himself this year! She has Boy de Chanel Lip Balm (which she owns and uses) and Blue de Chanel Eau de Parfum Twist and Spray. It also comes in one

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