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Answers to questions asked by the Wisconsin State Journal. The election is Nov. 8. Republican Rep. Ron Johnson did not respond.

Mandela Barnes


Mandela Barnes

Family Parents LaJuan and Jesse

Before the candidates are selected State Assembly, four years

Other government services Community organizer, 10 years

Education Communications Media, Alabama A&M

Campaign email or website

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Why are you the best fit for this office?

I am running for the US Senate to rebuild the middle class and give everyone a glimpse of the American dream. I was raised by a public school teacher and a third shift worker. Those jobs gave my parents a ticket to the middle class. That’s why I will never stop fighting for everyone in Wisconsin to have the opportunities my parents gave me.

What is the most important issue in this election and how can you solve it?

My goal is to make sure our economy works for working people. For far too long, Ron Johnson has prioritized billionaire taxation and special interests while working people have been left in the dust. I believe we can invest in working families and pay by making sure the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share.

How can you deal with the deficit and the national debt?

My opponent Sen. Johnson sponsored a tax bill that added $2 trillion to the fund and gave millions of tax breaks to himself and his billionaire donors. I believe we must put working people and middle class families first and make sure the wealthiest among us pay their fair share, and that is what I will fight for in the US Senate.

Should abortion be legal in all cases, illegal in all cases or somewhere in between? Explain.

In the Senate, I would support making Roe v. It has become the law of the land. I trust women and medical professionals to make these decisions, not politicians. I would also fight for a woman’s life and health to be protected according to the law. Unfortunately, Sen. Johnson supported the ban on abortion without stopping rape, sexual intercourse or the life of the woman.

How should the government improve educational outcomes, especially given the impact the pandemic has had on student achievement?

My mother was a public school teacher for thirty years and I am proud of Milwaukee Public Schools. I believe that every child should have a good education regardless of their zip code. We must ensure that our schools are adequately funded. In Parliament I fought for school money and as Lt. Governor I helped to provide advanced education funding.

How should the federal government deal with the problems of national, state and federal workers?

As your next United States Senator, I will improve the environment for small businesses to compete and fight unfair trade and anti-competitive practices to boost Wisconsin business and compete with China. I will also help Wisconsin businesses attract workers, grow local jobs, and address community issues by passing Senator Baldwin’s Made in America Act.


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