Bryan City Council approves construction of new entertainment facility in Travis Bryan Midtown Park

Bryan residents will have more options for family fun activities by 2024 with the addition of Schulman’s Movie Bowl Grille Recreation and Entertainment Facility in Travis Bryan Midtown Park.

During a special meeting Monday night, the Bryan City Council unanimously approved a ground lease to SMB Bryan, LLC to build a 5.6-acre multi-use recreation and entertainment facility south of Travis Bryan Midtown Park. On the west bank near the intersection of West Villa with the southwest bank of Midtown Lake. Maria Road and South College Avenue.

“It’s a great honor to be able to have exciting recreational opportunities in the park — in such a large park — thousands of our families are able to use it, but people who come from out of town,” said Mayor Andrews. ,” Nelson said before Mayor Andrew took the vote. “It’s going to help more than a million visitors to the park, and I’m just honored that this council was able to be a part of it and support it.”

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According to city staff, the facility includes indoor and outdoor non-shooting target sports, including 24 bowling lanes, darts, X-throw, bocce ball and shuffleboard; four indoor and two outdoor pickleball courts and/or other racquet/paddle sports; The technologically advanced auditorium allows for movies, live event broadcasts, e-sports and conference space; an arcade and an outdoor amphitheater; and additional food and beverage services.

Midtown Park is park land and cannot be sold, but the land can be leased if the entity provides recreational facilities to the community, according to Lacey Lively, director of communications and marketing for Bryan. At full operations, the minimum annual city revenue would be $443,560, not including indirect economic impact; And the revenue will offset the city’s cost of providing utilities to the site, including internal road access, public parking lots and public boardwalks, he said.

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The SMGB building is 58,000 square feet and the pickleball court building is 11,200 square feet, with a total projected cost of $26.5 million for the building and fixtures, according to the ground lease agreement.

SMBG’s Mark Shulman, who also operates the Queen and Palace Theaters and Billy’s Grill & Bar in downtown Bryan, was at the meeting to share his enthusiasm for the project.

“This investment and growth in Midtown Park and the vision that the City Council and the mayor and the town have is one of the most dynamic things I’ve seen,” he said. “It started with your deal with Big Shots, it went to Legends, and now we hope to put a cherry on top with SMBG. [Schulman’s Movie Bowl Grille Company] Bryan Midtown Park Recreation and Recreation Facility.

Charles Hodges of the Hodges and Associates architectural firm spoke after Schulman gave a detailed presentation on all the amenities that would comprise the facility.

“There’s a huge amount of outliers,” he said. “The goal will be to get kids off the screen and re-introduce them to what outdoor recreation is all about.” … We will add an element of paddle sports in the lake itself. … The Grove [located near the boardwalk] Seating options will be a combination of lawn seating or blanket seating in areas directly in front of the stage.

“The five cinema rooms are actually dual-purpose where they can be made available with PA and sound systems like if we want to use it for faith-based events, if we want to use it for TED talks, any kind of Information Exchange, for Corporations. They can rent rooms, employee meetings or any of the above.

Hodges said there is a lower level with bowling, a large arcade area, and a game room for adults, an outdoor dining area and live music opportunities indoors.

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Deputy City Manager Joey Dunn said this is a 30-year contract with the potential for a 10-year extension.

“It’s a land lease, so it’s not a sale of property, like the structure that was used for Big Shots,” he said. “Landlord or city provision, these are all public improvements. These are all non-exclusive public improvements that anyone can enjoy. In particular, the boardwalk which is a very special feature that has been talked about to find ways to engage that space and these types of activities.”

The operation of the facility must meet specific performance requirements set forth by the city, noting that if actual gross sales do not reach $10 million, the difference between the actual sales tax collected to the city, and the amount of sales tax to the city. Have to give back. Received at least $10 million of gross sales each year, Dunn said.

Another requirement relates to the Ad Valorem Tax, if the actual cost of the improvements does not reach $19 million, they will be refunded to the city the difference between the actual ad valorem city taxes, and the ad valorem city tax amount the city owes. will be A minimum of $19 million in ad valorem value was received annually, Dunn said.

During the public hearing portion of the meeting, Charles Mancuso, a downtown Bryan property owner, spoke against the building of the recreation facility.

“A lot of money is being spent on Midtown,” Mancuso told the council. “Have you seen our roads, how bad the roads are?” Garbage in the streets? We have a property in Downtown Bryan that doesn’t even have sidewalks. … Where is our law enforcement? We need money, let’s get law enforcement to work. Every day I see people driving just horrible. We need money, let’s do it. Let’s not take it from the citizens. Look at the citizens who are currently living a hard life. … The city of Bryan spends money like they have a money tree, maybe they will.

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Patrick Gemmalova of Bryan, who ran for Bryan City Council at-large, Place 6 and lost to Kevin Borsky, also spoke during the public hearing and said he was against building the facility.

“The citizens of Bryan are not going to give up any more of our parkland. … You’re all worried about spending millions and millions and millions of dollars. Millions of our money. It is citizens’ money. You all want to fix it, put it to a vote of the citizens. I’m not going to tell you everything. Bring it to the citizens, let’s see,” he said. “It’s the first time I’ve seen it, the first I’ve heard of it. You’re not going to have all these secret special meetings; it’s for the public and the citizens. And that decision is for the citizens.

Councilman Bippy Samanik opened the council discussion by saying that the city of Bryan is not spending taxpayers’ money.

“The private sector is spending money, that’s one thing that needs to be understood,” he said.

All councilors thanked the Schulman family for their efforts in the project and said they are excited for the opportunities it will bring to families in the city.

The facility is expected to open by September 1, 2024.

  • In addition, the grand opening of the Legends Event Center is scheduled for December 10, 2015 at 10 a.m. and will feature a variety of free activities, games, performances, food and demonstrations on the 122,000-square-foot facility. Demonstrations will include volleyball, basketball, pickleball, strength and conditioning training, and a live e-sports competition.


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