Broncos Twitter is not having it with this team

A sixth loss and an offense that could barely make it into double digits is making Broncos country pretty.

So angry that some are calling for Pat Shurmur.

And it’s completely wasted again.

Because over and over again, play by play, he does the driving, defensive stuff.

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Things that really understand the fault.

It didn’t help the offense that the offensive line was essentially a rotation of third-stringers, or that top wide receivers and running backs were sidelined with injuries.

But as Andrew Mason explains, this bad-offensive-good-defense thing isn’t just one game or a few games.

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It’s literally been the Broncos’ MO since 2016.

As frustration grows, so do the calls for changes at the head coach (and some for the QB).

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Like it or not, Russell Wilson isn’t going anywhere. The contract is here to see how he can be useful in this team over the next four to five years.

But the head coach is definitely on the hot seat and if Nathaniel Hackett wants a chance to keep his job, he’d better decide to change some things.


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