America must stand up to China’s crackdown on freedom

MeIt is unlikely that President Joe Biden mentioned Jimmy Lai’s name in his recent talks with China’s communist dictator, Xi Jinping. At least the documentation doesn’t show it. But Lai’s upcoming trial in Hong Kong represents a high-profile confrontation between a tireless human rights defender and a tyrannical government.

One of Biden’s predecessors, former President John Quincy Adams, is often quoted by those who want America to work abroad: “America does not go abroad to hunt monsters to destroy.” However in the July 4, 1821, speech – in the last few lines, in fact – Adams added that America will always have the right to resist tyranny. “Wherever the standard of freedom and independence will be or will be revealed, his heart, his blessings, and his prayers will be,” he said.

Lai deserves America’s blessings and prayers, and Mr. Biden is wrong not to use his bully pulpit to press for his release. Lai fought hard for freedom in Hong Kong for years until Xi’s betrayal came under fire by throwing him in jail in 2020.

The fake case that should be followed will only show the world the reality of Chinese communism and that Hong Kong’s place as a place in China that respects human rights is no more. But strong international protests and embarrassment could persuade China to free Lai, who is 74, and allow him to go abroad.

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Lai has been my friend for many years, since I was sent to Britain at that time with the written pages of Wall Street Journal in 1995. I was able to see how he used his position as the last independent publisher in Hong Kong to protect the freedom of fire.

Hong Kong was a British colony for 150 years before the colonial rule handed it over to China in 1997. One of the few mistakes that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher made was to accept this handover in 1984. Communist China’s Deng Xiaoping promised in the agreement the international community that for half a century after ’97, Hong Kong will maintain its political and economic status. It was called “one country, two systems.”

The idea was that, even though Hong Kong people are in China, they will continue to enjoy the freedoms they had under the Brits: freedom of trade, speech, property, assembly, etc. the richest place in the world.

Xi overthrew all of that, just as he overthrew, in the rest of China, all other traditions that existed after the death of Mao Zedong in 1976. The Chinese Communist Party has made the country America’s biggest enemy in the world.

The straw that broke Hong Kong’s back was a national security law that prohibits “aggression” and “collusion” with foreign forces and has become a tool for Xi to control the region. Because of this law, Lai
He is accused of three crimes
collaborating with a foreign country is one crime of treason. His trial will begin on Dec. 1.

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Lai is not a threat to China’s national security, but to the CCP’s desire for absolute power. Both Lai and Xi are interested in freedom – Jimmy is expanding and Xi is crushing. After all other publications bowed down in Beijing following the surrender of ’97, to Jimmy Apple Daily The Empire continued to promote Hong Kong’s liberal lifestyle. No tyrannical person can live with the free dissemination of information.

Over the years, Lai opened his home on the Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong to other freedom-loving people. We gathered there for a dinner that included some journalists and various other people, including Hong Kong politicians, church men and women (as well as many other pro-democracy people in Hong Kong, including long-time opposition leader Martin Lee and government officials .a worker under the Brits, Anson Chan, Lai is a Catholic), and an occasional visitor from overseas.

It was on that side that I met economist Milton Friedman and his wife, Rose. In
and Wall Street Journal During the visit, Friedman said predictably about the Chinese leadership, “They understand why a free press is important. And that’s one of the reasons they don’t want it. You can’t have a free press and have a stable, authoritarian government.”

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With Lainso I met the heroes of the Tiananmen Square movement and other people fighting for political and religious freedom in China. I went to Lai’s baptism in the Catholic Church in Hong Kong Cathedral. After a few years, he went to my daughter.

On the night of the surrender of the city to China – June 30, 1997 – I and others had dinner at the home of Lai and his lovely wife, Theresa, and then took the Hong Kong subway to Hong Kong city. Then we went up to the balcony of the Legislative Council, where Martin Lee, now 84, the founder of Hong Kong’s democracy movement, addressed the large crowd below. Lee, also a friend, could also be charged.

Lai’s main belief is that God created man to find freedom. In words that I will never forget, he once said: “Freedom is like air. We take it all for granted until someone takes it away. When we do that, we just think about finding them again.”

It is for this reason that China has now extinguished Lai’s freedom and why the United States must do everything in its power to restore it.


Mike Gonzalez is a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and an author
BLM: Creating a New Marxist Revolution.


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