‘America is supposed to be the place to come to build a new life, a better life’

‘America should be a place to come to build a new life, a better life’

Oct 28, 2022 by AFP

The real value of the Washington Tour logo that says, "Pay More, Get Less" - statements about the failed policies of Washington that are driving inflation, oil prices, and the cost of living in 2022.

This summer, with inflation so high, Americans in Prosperity staff and volunteers held more than 130 True Cost of Washington events at gas stations and retail locations in more than 30 locations to lower prices and connect Americans to the Washington region. in triggering inflation and responses. because of our financial problems.

To give you an inside look at the journey, we spoke to the team behind the scenes to make it all happen.

This week’s interview features AFP Staffing Contractor Greg Dowell, who shared his experience with a family in Wisconsin and left us with an important reminder:

“America MUST NOT be a nation of hopelessness or grudging acceptance.” They should be where people can come or be there already and build a new life, a good life, working hard and with determination. “

How do you feel now that the True Cost car has retired?

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GD: It’s a little sad, but change calls for change. There is a lot of work to be done and giving up the car will give us the opportunity to reach out to people in need.

The True Cost of Washington Tour truck rolls into Tennessee on a mission to help Americans struggling with inflation driven by Washington's spending spree.

The True Cost Tour car is heading to another True Cost of Washington event to help Americans struggling with high inflation.

You went to many cities. Is there anything similar from stop to stop?

GD: This was my first time to experience the northwest and southwest of America, so every place seemed new and strange to me.

However, when running events and talking to people, I heard a general theme of acceptance, daresay hopelessness, to the state of the nation. Many people do not know or believe that they can change what is happening in our nation’s capital.

What did you hear most from the customers you spoke to during this trip?

GD: Appreciation. Some people knew what was going on when they arrived at a certain event. Some came with doubts. It all left us with a heartfelt thank you for myself and the team. Little things make a difference.

Greg Dowell with the True Cost road crew is a volunteer at the True Cost of Washington event to lower fuel prices and discuss the causes of inflation.

Greg Dowell (second from right) and the rest of the True Cost road crew and other volunteers just before participating in the True Cost of Washington event where they lowered gas prices and talked about past inflation.

How did you see inflation and inflation affecting people? Was there anything that stood out?

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GD: The “click” problem, where we caught people filling their tanks all the way, was a regular check.

People were really going from $10 fill to the other. The worries and anxieties that he chose were great. People who are just trying to work to do their jobs don’t know if they are going to get there or how to get there.

Then, there was all the talk of canceled tours and summer players missed out. People are trying to survive, not thrive, and that’s not how it should be.

The True Cost of Washington Truck knew exactly where inflation and gas prices are hurting Americans every day: at the gas pump.

Most of the people Greg and his colleagues talked to knew where inflation — fueled by Washington’s spending spree — was hurting them: in their wallets and at the gas pump.

What was your most memorable experience on the trip?

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GD: In Wisconsin, I had the opportunity to talk to a woman and her son at a gas station. When I explained that we were helping with the gas bill, she fought back tears.

He explained that he lived in low-income housing, and the house manager issued notices to everyone in the house to fix this or that or face problems, even possible eviction.

He didn’t know how much he could afford to fix it, but the savings would help defray the cost.

How many miles did you drive?

GD: I don’t really know. 5,000-7,000 miles? Will drove the car the best, and I probably drove the second best. I drove while Will drove.

Greg Dowell grabs a snack along the long and winding road of AFP's True Cost of Washington tour.

Snacks were an important part of the True Value of Washington Tour.

What is one thing you would like people to change that you saw or heard from people on this trip?

GD: That they can, and should, do something to fix this.

America should NOT be a nation of pessimism or grudging acceptance. It should be a place where people can come or already live and build a new life, a good life, working hard and with determination..

Set us up for success. Don’t burden us with failed plans.

Read our discussion and Greg’s True Cost Tour partner Nathan Sanders for more detailed information on the True Cost of Washington Tour.


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