Afghan, Pakistani female entrepreneurs share experiences at exhibition

PESHAWAR – Afghan businesswomen and local entrepreneurs shared their experiences in a unique one-day workshop and exhibition here on Thursday.

The event for Afghan refugee women was organized by the Border Rural Support Program (SRSP) and the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCI) with support from UNHCR and UNHCR.

The aim of the event was to encourage cooperation between Afghan refugee women and their local counterparts for long-term livelihood development.

The head of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Ghairat Ahmadshoev, Commissioner of the Afghan Refugee Committee Mohammad Abbas, president of WCCI Azra Jamshed, manager of Khyber Bank Mohammad Ali Gulfaroz, representatives of First Women’s Bank, Investment and Trade Department of KP, members of the executive body of WCCI took part in this program. . , local communities and Afghan refugees.

Speaking on this occasion, the President of WCCI Azra Jamshed expressed hope that such events will bridge the gap between the host and refugee communities and provide opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.

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Mohammad Abbas, the High Commissioner for Afghan Refugees, stated that societies can achieve the essence of social and economic development by enabling equal participation of women from all walks of life and reducing social barriers that act as glass ceilings.

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Ghairat Ahmadshoev praised the role of WCCI in promoting women’s empowerment and encouraged the organization of such healthy activities for the development of Afghan refugee women as they are facing the harsh reality of life and need the support of all stakeholders.

During the event, the participants, especially Afghan refugee businesswomen, were given detailed information about entrepreneurial thinking and business modeling, financial literacy and the importance of digital platforms in business expansion and development.

In addition to mentoring, successful local businesswomen shared their experiences with Afghan refugee women. Afghan women and local entrepreneurs displayed their handicrafts at various stalls, which included cosmetics, artificial jewellery, handicrafts, home textile products and paving stones.

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All the guests praised the product. Syed Aftab Ahmed, Program Manager, SRSP, thanked all the participants who then received shields and certificates.


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