3 Things That Aren’t Worth Buying During Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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  • Consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch says not every Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday is worth it.
  • He warns against selling travel packages – wait until Tuesday for the best deals.
  • She also says to avoid electronic transactions and wait until close to Christmas to buy winter clothes.

Starting in November, it seems like every brand and retailer is trying to dangle big savings opportunities in our faces and inboxes. In recent years, Black Friday sales, which used to start at midnight on Thanksgiving Day for many stores, have started weeks earlier, and many retailers are offering the same online deals that they advertise in stores, making shopping much easier.

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So, when you’re thinking about what to buy during November’s Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales, heed the warnings of consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch and avoid these five purchases this season.

1. Travel packages

During the holiday season, you may want to book your vacation and travel for 2023 in hopes of getting the best deal possible. But Woroch says to wait another day after Cyber ​​Monday ends to get those deals.

“The best travel deals happen on Travel Tuesday, November 29,” says Woroch.

Either way, to make sure you’re getting the best prices on airfare, hotels, and car rentals, Woroch says to set up alerts for desired destinations so you’ll get instant alerts when a deal becomes available.

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2. Gate electronics

While you’ll see plenty of price cuts on electronics on Black Friday, Woroch says those sales are usually limited to off-brand gadgets, which means you’re sacrificing quality to save money. you do

Woroch says that if you don’t mind getting an off-brand alternative, be sure to check the actual specs of the item, because you might not be getting what you think.

“In many cases, the gadget touted as the biggest deal on Black Friday may be a derivative, which means it was created specifically for the sales event, but the key components and features of similar models are not sold throughout the year. , so that the store can sell it for less, “says Voroch.

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If you’re waiting for a gadget you really want, Woroch recommends setting up sales alerts using a browser extension so you don’t miss out on sales on items you’ve got your eye on.

3. Winter clothes

As the season changes and the holiday sales begin, Woroch says if you’re tempted to stock up on winter clothes, wait until after Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, as you’ll get the best deals on these items until you will find the end. of the season.

“Wait a little longer until the last two weeks before Christmas,” says Woroch. “Not only will you find more sales on winter clothing, but many retailers will offer coupons for additional savings.”

To prepare for these offers, Waroch says, install a browser tool like Cently that looks for any available coupons so you never miss out on extra savings.


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